Sunday, 26 August 2012

Havoc and Bright Lights- Alanis Morissette

Rated: Lucy in the Sky 

After four years since the release of her last album Alanis Morrisette is back with Havoc and Bright Lights and album that doesn't sound too far from previous albums. Motherhood is reflected on the album and can be her Ray Of Light, more 'spiritual' and relaxed, but with very Alanis perspective and now is more brighten.

 She's  back and as always with something to say, hasn't lost her unique style and her aim to create great songs. It's obviously not Jagged Little Pill, although 'Woman Down' is almost there, so as long as it is not compared with her amazing 1995 album it would sound brilliant. The way this record take is soft electronic and very lightly songs like 'Lens' ,'Receive' 'Til You', and the first single 'Guardian' give the  bright side with electronic melancholic vibes. 

The sound doesn't change from all her albums. Her way to put things together is a gift and this album have the perfect blend of mushy melodies and heavy guitars. Songs like  'Celebrity' and 'Numb' put the spice to the album and doesn't feel weird because are surrounded by cheesy good songs.'Spiral' have a uplifting feeling such as 'Edge of Evolution', which also have a vintage superb vibe.Sounds from middle east to strong guitars and electronic compose the songs and the mix is very powerful in every song so the album is not boring and is moving in some way. 

Even though this album is predictable it refreshes the polluted girl scene nowadays and Alanis Morrisette still doing her pop-rock-post-grunge-alternative-electronic mixture. A must listen to hear something more alternative without taking a weird road, it's safe, very enjoyable and emotional in all its facets.

Recommend: Lens, Edge of Evolution, Numb Havoc, 'Til You ,Win and Win
Not so much:Celebrity [but just if you take it to introduce to this album or as a single but worth if you are listening with the lot]

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