Tuesday, 29 May 2012

[Single] No Hope-The Vaccines


The Vaccines have grown up and the sound of this new track is nothing new for the ones who have listen the British Pop and Rock scene in the last 60 years, or don't go to far they sound exactly like The Libertines, but for/from the band is very new is so different from first album. The first 6 seconds of the song remind me of Blur's Popscene, so I thought this must be brilliant, but the similarities with Babyshambles and The Libertines are too flashy, why would they copy two bands we all love and made a listen alike?, they already got exposure.The track is so produced, which is acceptable, but the rawness of their debut album is missing here.The song would be better if it has more The Vaccines and seconds, A band should progress but never lose they're distinctive signature. Even Justin Young's voice is hardly trying to be different.Anyway the single is good but I don't hear The Vaccines here or whatever made me fall in love with them, Hope the album,expected to be out in September, had a slightly different way.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Magic Hour-Scissor Sisters

-Rated:A Kind of Magic:

The disco band has a new album and sound loyal to the Pop trend of doing dance-electronic repetitive tunes.Fortunately this is the best of the modern wave and it has its charm.

The band delivers once again an nice album with nothing new or very remarkable. All goes very well the voices, the music everything is so calculated all in place. The album has a joy from start to finish. Songs like 'Inevitable' and 'Year of Living Dangerously' have the fun fact even they are the slow ones and keep the style of the band.

There are also pretentious and confusing songs which can't be identifiable with the band like 'Keep Your Shoes On' that has a sound more like Nicky Minaj, also' Let's Have a Kiki' wich is annoying but not as bad as can be and gets a bit better as it goes, and the awful first single released in January, 'Shady Love', with that song I lost my faith in the band but gladly the whole album didn't take that way.

Scissor Sisters fans can feel good about the record it has a sort of connection with previous works and a bit of evolution like the very Calvin Harris co-produced 'Only The Horses' and the Latin / flamenco inspired 'San Luis Obispo' and the one with very updated beat but familiar 'Self Control'. The Summer vibe is all over the album and magnificently explodes in 'Best in Me'.

A fine work for modern times that we will definitely see pieces in the charts because of they took the easy ride but give it their very own elements and created something with more quality than others out there.

To Listen: Inevitable,Year of Living Dangerously,Only The Horses,Best in Me,San Luis Obispo

Avoid:Shady Love,Keep Your Shoes On

Saturday, 26 May 2012

[Single ]Lost My Way- Plan B


The second single of the upcoming film and soundtrack 'iLL Manors'. This track follows the acclaimed 'ill manors' single, which personally, I didn't too much. This new song is fast and full of energy, is a great mix of Ben rapping with a cameo of Alvin and The Chipmunks or something but without sounding annoying. The 'London Gang Culture' theme seems to be working for good here.As long as the forthcoming soundtrack  stays like this and get rid of clichés, it will be nice. Think Is the first track of Plan B I wish it were longer. Definitely a Tune! a switch for what hip hop/ rap / pop music is now . The Single is out on July 2 but Wikipedia says its on June 30 ....

If that's not working here it is!!!  

[single] TimeBomb- Kylie Minogue


To be honest there's no much I can say about it. The track is average good for pop, I was expecting something more due to is the single that celebrates 25 years of her career in music.The track keeps her style a bit modernized to the Pop/Dance music industry. Kind of enjoyable, fun, any different from what's on vogue not providing something new but not loosing anything so is fine.The Video reminds me of 'Ray of Light' and 'Celebration' both by Madonna, but not complaining at all.

The Temper Trap(album)- The Temper Trap

Rated: Mr.Personality 

To start I will try to be as objective as I can. That sounds bad isn't?. But here is the thing, this album is a complete mess has no direction at all. 12 songs (at least) that were randomly put together there's no too much connection between them.

Photo: This album is so eclectic, like a compilation album for various bands, genres and decades. A bit of pop in songs like the repetitive 'Need Your Love' , a bit of 1980's dance in 'Where Do We Go from Here' that without the 1930's circus beat could be better. I don't know if the attempt of the band was to make an album that sounds like a collection of songs that sound like the 70's to 80's with all of the genres Pop, Electronic, Synth, Glam, Rock etc. And the drastic changes are not just in one to another it, songs change surprisingly second by second which make a not boring album but just create more clutter. Songs like 'This Isn't Happiness' has too much for one song and also 'Rabbit Hole' both sound like the 90's but mixing to much stuff. 

In the sound and the mixing of instruments the turmoil persist.The drums out of sync with the guitars that go to slow for the beat on 'The Sea Is Calling'. 'Never Again' goes Keane but is an awful mix of many sounds that abruptly change. There is also a song which lyrics and voice remain the 70/80's rock but with a noughties Coldplay+30 Seconds To Mars twist so it doesn't sound good, it's called 'Trembling Hands'. The track 'Dreams' is so different from anything but too slow and so voice too 'monotonous'  so is dull. The sounds could have been confectioned in another way to make the album work but didn't happened.  

With all the madness the band still have some very in their own style songs like 'I'm Gonna Wait' that is a bit annoying but you can get used to it and enjoy it .'London's Burning' is true to their style as well but probably more to be listen live.The best minute of the album unfortunately is the very last in the last song 'Leaving Heartbreak Hotel' that is enjoyable, good guitars, happy and without the percussion or that annoying beat, as it happens from minute 3:05, the tracks gets better and give a good end to a messy album.

If we could separate the album in 4 mini records, would be fantastic, but as we can't the album at least need a listen and if you are going to purchase it i recommend the Bonus Track Version where turns out that bonus songs are far too much better and really lovely they have the charm of the band and are very very good.

Recommended Songs: London's Burning, Miracle, And all the bonus tracks if you get the deluxe edition.  

Not Recommended: The Sea Is Calling, Never Again

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

[EP] Sunburn-Baio

Rated: Lucy in the Sky

It's summer time and this EP couldn't be released in better times. A magnificent piece of what is (or used  to be) accurate electronic music: smooth,clever and so enjoyable. Far from the clichés, this 3 dancy tracks come to made us fall in love again with electro-music. The sound in every track is perfect, tropical beats and very early noughties. Might slightly remember to Safri Duo but this is better and soft, so goes quickly and don't tire you. The vibe that it gives is not produced by Chris Baio it is the result of what you feel or the memories that the songs bring to you and gratefully is not made for mass consumerism (or it doesn't seem to be), which is what many Dj's are doing now, this is different from what's on charts right now.Gladly a great debut solo for the Vampire Weekend's bassist which still remains of the band, because of the groove sounds, but at the same time registering his own style and showing his great musician/mixing skills.A Brilliant musician with a sunburn for inspiration

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

'Streets In The Sky' - The Enemy

 8.5 /10  
RATED: Music is my Radar  + Never mind the Bollocks 

Potent, Strong, Classic would be 3 words to describe this new The Enemy's Album. From the very first song to the last one the sound of the album is amazingly powerful. Since the release of the first single 'Gimme The Sign' I knew they were not going to disappoint.Trumpets and violins decorating some songs in perfect harmony to create a perfect composition of good music. 

Photo: Perhaps the band is not into Britpop, because they're well know for their good fast rock , the album has an essence of Britpop, power guitars, the punk-rock style and encouraging/fun lyrics. The hard work of the band is in every piece of the record but feels so effortless.'This is Real' is one of the tracks representing all this and the album, has the power,the positvism, the right sounds at the right moment. The album, as I said for The Cribs, has the 90's inspiring fact that only good bands give, the desire to do something.

The sound of the album oddly remind me to 1980 bands like The Cure,Duran Duran,R.E.M., Metallica and hits 'Maniac' and 'Word Up' but obviously more rocky, edgy, synth-less and super powerful mixed with the joy of Blur and the force of 1970's punk the result of this is pretty like 'Make A Man', That is a TUNE. With all this the soul of The Enemy could have been lost but no, it still there and better than ever, take a listen to 'Bigger Cages (Longer Chains)' . Also '1-2-3-4' has reminded me the 80s with a modern twist. But don't get confused the album is not just 80/90s, it is very fresh & would be fantastic if it can reach the first 10 at the charts 'Get Up and Dance' is in that mood the shake up the "music business" and has a great sing-alone momment.

The record is clever done to be rejoice-able,happy, fast, direct,etc. if not 'Turn It On', explains for itself. The mix of instruments is brilliant in every song.'Like A Dancer' shows how good is the sound of the album and how meticulous was done, the song is probably more independent-popular-rock in the mid 00's. Even the sort of cheesy song 'Come Into My World' sound absurdly awesome and very The Enemy. One song to highlight is '2 Kids' that is probably the softer one and some kind of melancholic(in a optimistic way?) but mighty and the sound is very delightful.  

To sum up, the album is fast and fantastic,has everything what great classics are made of, and is very rock'n'roll if the the whole turn for bit their heads from the stupid massive consumption bad music and give proper music a change this The Enemy's album is a good reference to start. My only complain is that to much guitar and they missed a bit the percussion, especially in 'It's A Race',that's why the 8.5 and not 9 ,but aside that everything is ridiculously strongly 
excellent and solid.

Recommended Songs: Listen to the whole album, there could be ones you feel like missing something but there a few more you will love and as a whole is brilliant.     

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Not Your Kind Of People- Garbage

A Kind of Magic

This album is Garbage's come back and surprisingly it sounds very hip/updated but at the same time is very Garbage.The band mixed their past with the modern electronic fad but also still in their post 90's rock-pop which you can hear it in 'Control'. ''What Girls Are Made Of' is a remembrance of what Garbage still is and has all what the album is as well.

Although the album has not a great start or rather say the first song ,'Automatic Habit', has a bad intro,the whole record is fantastic. A great band doing a great comeback not losing their style and also updating it to what is happening now. Revamping style is very obvious in songs like 'The One' that  is remains me to 'Why Do You Love Me' but new and Also 'Big Bright World' has the electronic beat mixed with old rock and roll or something and creates a Pop-y brilliant song.

The sound of the beyond what i was expecting because everything is so good mixed, compared with previous works this is less 'raw' but still aggressive, powerful without having someone yelling at your ears. 'Show Me' feels like anterior songs from the band, everything sound magnificent and goes tranquil but not powerless and then it explodes better. In 'What Girls Are Made Of' you can also hear how they keep their essence and the power. The Only songs that have a lack of power are 'Bright Tonight' and 'Battle In Me' that are a bit slow could have gone better with a explosion of rock but they didn't. The explosions where saved for songs like 'Man on Wire' which is really a nice song.

'Not Your Kind Of People' , album, is more 'commercial' because of the well done work with music. 'I Hate Love' is so radio friendly, an odd dance song but good.'Blood for Poppies' goes almost the same way.There are also songs that goes very early 00's, sort of post-grunge era, something very Garbage; 'Sugar' for example is very relaxing but overwhelming in a good way. But the most quiet song is 'Beloved Freak' which is encouraging and could be a hit because is what sells now or what artists have been doing talking about in the last 3 years being a rejected person and that everything will be alright.

At the end the album is not disappointing, is so well done, they still the same but now the band are working more by themselves. The album gets better in the last 6 songs where we can hear the most Garbage style but more modern with some kind of remixed-electro-moments, that could be a bit weird.Anyhow it's a very enjoyable album and not boring at.

Friday, 18 May 2012

[Single] Venus in Chains - The Virgins


After a 4 year hiatus The Virgins are back with the first official track from upcoming 7" single entitled "Venus in Chains" (out on May 26th). The Song is inspired by godlike feminist visual artists, therefore the name.It sounds fantastic and is so enjoyable reminds me a bit of not mainstream rock from late 90's [no names come to head now]. Anyway the song feel like something new for nowadays music, very cool and is a song you wish and it could be longer cause it goes growing and growing but then is over. The band still have the gist even they are not the same members but apparently Donald Cumming knows how to deal with it and give the right direction to the band. The track is lovable and addict-able definitely a teaser to what is coming, an album later this year. Only wishing 'Island Girl', a track released earlier this year, comes with the single because that track is absolutely brilliant as well. So glad that The Virgins finally are back and with fantastic music, now looking forward to a full album.

From http://www.vice.com/read/vice-premieres-venus-in-chains-by-the-virgins:

Sunday, 13 May 2012

[Single] Only the Horses- Scissor Sisters


Gladly this song sound more like Calvin Harris than Scissor Sisters.'Shady Love' previous single, without a future, was dreadful. This song is enjoyable and repetitive from both sides Scissor Sisters repeat the chorus so many times and Calvin Harris repeat his hit formula, But it actually works the song is very pop and dance, catchy and also keeps the SS's style. Probably it will be in charts for a long while if it not, what a shame this is much better than most of the music there. The track sounds fresh and don't is a hard effort to make a song that gets stuck in your head for annoying reasons (Chart's Pop).A good song but I insist is more like from Calvin recent 'solo' singles.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

In the Belly of the Brazen Bull - The Cribs

Music is my Radar

The Cribs go back to basics, their basics. This new album is wicked! All is so well made and apparenlty effortless ( but you can hear a hard work on). A strong record or archivement of how good a band can be if they don't change and just mature. Music, Vocals, Lyrics everything is fluid.

The album is like listening to an old record not because it sound old, cause the sound is very fresh and exciting, but because is so well produced. It has beautiful guitars, wonderful drumms and easily goes with a potential voice and sound mixed, all sounding in perfect armony, none is more than any one. 'Confident Men' is that song that have all what the album is and shows perfectly how the band have evolved .All the music is amazing 'Anna' has an great powerful sound that goes slowly growing and, so as the album, explodes magnificent.We knew it wasn't going to be a disappointment since the first single 'Come on, Be a no One' was released. 

The energy is what makes this album so enjoyable and awesome even when it slow down in 'Should Have Helped' it keeps the energy but transformed into a soft song which is genius.The garage style reminds me a bit of Rooney but with Red Bull and adrenaline,like 'Chi Town' (not my favourite) or 'Uptight' that is a bit long,compared with the other ones but delicious so you don't notice it.No boredom don't exist in this record, although there are a few ones that  goes by unnoticed  like 'Butterflies' because is in a gapless part of the album but still quiet good.

The album reminds me of mid 90's but not because the style or the garage/guitar music,I think is because have something that you easy like and haunts you for example 'Stalagmites' and 'Back To The Bolthole' takes you back to something inbetween Suede and Blur because is charming and somehow catchy but at the same time has a very The Cribs distinction and a modern twist. The Album is all what great bands do encourage/inspire you to do something on your own.

The Cribs do and did a fantastic job with or without Johnny Marr they still the same they have something unique and also the power of 'Classic' Punk bands that is to entertain and to put you to sleep so thats why the album is so fast and strong. And the album have a amazing great closing song 'Arena Rock Encore' that recapitulate not just the album but all of their work and shambles (apparently).

Recommend : Come on, Be A no One ;Confident men ; Arena Rock Encore;Should have Helped;Back To The Bolthole

not too much: Pure O; Glitters Like Gold

Friday, 11 May 2012

[Single] Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - The Subways


Fun! that's all what this song is, jolly, fast, enjoyable. This new Subways' single is catchy, probably silly but is so good, a bit 2000's  but is very them and fresh. The song is so quickly that you wish it could last a few minutes more but that will take off all the playful and adorable part of the song, that's what made this song so brilliant, they knew how to edit.Since the first time I heard it I felt happy or jump-y, is very accelerating, it get you very anxious .So if you haven't  listen have a go and then you will want to hear the whole album that doesn't go to far from this rejoice-able style.

[single ] Guardian-Alanis Morissette

After 4 years away from music she could have done better. The beginning of this song is wonderful and powerful but then it slowdown and plain. Is not bad at all but kind of boring a minute less would done a difference.The cheese lyrics are good the rhythm is good, is what Alanis always do so is not bad that she hadn't change but is a bit disappointing  that she haven't grown.
The music and her voice are beautiful it reminds you how good she is, and is very 90's or sort of timeless. The Song is also 'uplifting' , apparently She is speaking to her child but it can apply for friends, couples etc.,very corny, could be the song for a love/friendship/parenthood film. The main reason I don't love it is because is fine, average and definitely a grower but would be nicer if it were the last single of the album and not the lead one. Will wait to hear the album in August to know if Alanis comes back with new tricks or she will have just a new album with nothing new.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dr Dee- Damon Albarn

 Lucy in the Sky 

OMSG! this is an eargasm do not know how some people are talking shite about it. Perhaps idiots are not listening as what it is, a soundtrack of an opera so it obviously this is just  half the project, but what a fucking good half. It is inspiring and make your imagination go high just listen to  'The Moon Exalted' and then tell me if it doesn't take you anywhere.

This album is just the music of a story so it obviously can't be compared with chart music or what you usually listen on radio or even on your player.Every track on here was made to be played on 'Dr. Dee's opera but it follows that has some great folk-ish songs that you can play leaving the opera idea behind like 'Apple Carts' and 'The Marvelous Dream' that have been released like singles(or something) already, but there are more songs than you can listen like 'The Dancing King' which is such a TUNE and it has melancholy and a birdy ending. Even 'Saturn' can be a singles because it join the both sides the folk & African style and the opera music.

As for the opera songs we can highlight 'O Spirit, Animate Us' which is an exquisite piece of musical art. But the very distinguish is 'The Moon Exalted ' that could sound like it were two songs but at the end the conquer and melt in one beautiful song. 'Cathedrals' has a very deferent point which is to be opera but more "commercial" more like for a fairytale film.

There are also plenty of "pastoral" songs in the album which can be boring, but are better than go to church!.The music is magnificent the voices are weird but everything is relaxing, for example 'Tree of Beauty' is very quiet and sleepy.But There are also weird songs with a lot of African influence like ' Watching the Fire That Waltzed Away' which had a very interesting rhythm that put the fun fact in the album; theres also  'Point Star' an odd song that is almost out of context but somehow they managed it to made it part of the concept, and in a excellent way.

As often this is Damon Albarn working with a bunch of people so everyone should have credits here. The collective made a huge powerful sound.When Damon is not singing you still enjoying the music. The kind of music that make you sleep not because you are bored but because you are dreaming. The sound of the whole album is great just listen to 'Preparation' with a lovely African style or 'Moon (Interlude)' both say everything without a word. The flaunts and every instrument are admirable none overshadowing any one. An hallucinating great work.

The album in my opinion is amazing.The music is utter enjoyable and voices complement it. It grabs you and take to a different period of time and space or to a parallel world. Another good thing is that songs are short so the ones that for some people could be boring end fast. So don't be silly and don't mind the bollocks have a listen if you want and let your imagination fly.

To Listen: Apple Carts, The Moon Exalted,Saturn,The Marvelous Dream, Point Star,  Watching the Fire That Waltzed Away,The Dancing King

don't know (?) : Coronation

Go Hereto listen:

or  here  (but don't read the stupid people comments):

Strangeland -Keane

(I can't get no) Satisfaction

Keane are back and they're the same as always but with a little more make-up and trying to sound more like Coldplay and unfortunately in their worst (Mylo Xyloto). But that doesn't mean the album is entirely bad it has some highs that may need a listen.

Keane never dissapoint, the album is a bit boring and the singles (or the ones that will be singles) are the tracks that saves the record. 'Silenced By the Night' was the first single and when you hear it you could hear and predict how exactly the album will be. Apparently every song needed to be in the same line so you can listen how forced this was in 'Disconected' that is 'very' different for the band but they really try so hard to made it sound more like Keane and is kind of mess but not so bad.

The music in the album is something that connect every song and it actually is good for example in 'The Starting Line ' is something you expect but the sound is really good, nothing new but definitely something memorable. And then are songs that almost sound more dull like 'Black Rain', maybe Lana del Rey should made the vocals, but the music still fine, if it were shorter it would be so much better. 'Neon River' has a good sound too, probably the song that reminds more to what Keane is.

The highlights in the album are the songs that are very Keane and have a bit of fun Like 'On The Run' and 'Day Will Come' which are brilliant. It seems like they are repeating the formula in every song, maybe not to fail, and it work in most of the songs,could been boring but at least they still the same,'In Your Own' is not such a great song but you can hear the classic Keane.

Even though the album has good songs they are all grouped in the end and the first half of the album is really boring so makes the album go plain, nothing that is not predictable. The album even has an expected end 'Sea Fog' a melancholic finish that is fine but not so less boring and it really defines the whole record.

Songs To Listen: On The Run, The Starting Line, Day Will Come.

Not So Good: Watch How You Go, You Are Young, Sovereing Light Cafe.