Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Rates and Classification

Here we go! I'm gonna classificate the music in two,the Good and the Bad with 5 categories each, I take the category titles from songs but that doesn't mean the music being reviewing is not as epic as the Song/Category Title; It is only a Description of how it feels.

The Good:

-Never mind the Bollocks: this means that all media, or a big bunch of idiots are talking shit just because,but the album/song is really good. (eg, Madonna's American Life, where you think Lady Gaga's Born This Way come from)

-Like a Virgin: something that is "Shinny and New". Outstands from everything played on the radio. (eg, Gorillaz's Gorillaz/Self titled )

-Music is my Radar: what you have faith in music, and the musician doesn't care about making money just the joy of creating something really good.the pleassure of music (eg, Blur's 13 or Pete & The Pirates' Little Death)

-A Kind of Magic: you hear it and you get charmed. Love from the first note to the last one.(eg, Radiohead's In Rainbows, The Wombats' This Modern Glitch)

-Lucy in the Sky: really good quality it take you to somewhere else. You have a good trip on it. It drives you crazy. What Music Should be (eg, Klaxon's Landmarks of Lunacy, Primal Scream's Screamadelica)

The Bad

-Meat is Murder: and this piece of shit is a fucking crime! Not even music just want to make money or want fame. (eg, Pitbull and stupid Collaborations such as Jennifer Lopez, Will.I.Am & Mick Jagger's T.H.E. {The Hardest Ever})

-We're Not Gonna Take it: the kind of music media is praising but you ask 'why?' and the only answer could be that someone is paying them. Not That Good why so much noise! (eg, Skrillex,Lana del Rey's Born to Die, Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday)

-Enjoy the Silence: it doesn't even deserve to give it a play. Silence is better than Self-harming with shit like this.(eg, Justin Bieber's My World 2.0, David Guetta's Nothing but the Beat)

-(I can't get no) Satisfaction: Dull! You feel nothing listening to it no good but don't even that bad is just plain untasty.(eg, Beady Eye's Different Gear Still Speeding, Christina Aguilera 's Bionic)

-Mr. Personality: Bacause is So Ugly. The kind of shit you lose faith in humanity. *Cringes* (eg, JC Chasez' Schizophrenic, Rebbeca Black's Friday)

and for the rates the scale goes from 1 to 10. if it is so good is a 10 (All Beatles albums are rated 100 and always be the only ones so comparing to them the more you can get is a 10). And if it is really awful but at least they try is a 1, the consolation price ( So sad). I will try to not do a 'point-something' just whole numbers as life should be, you are a complete moron or not there's not middle there.

I qualify stuff for what it is obviously not gonna compare Britney with Joy Division, Justin Bieber with Thin Lizzy. The thing is to hear itself and let the music do the talking But ofcourse if it is a rip off It will burn in hell.

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