Friday, 6 April 2012

[single] Saturday-The Enemy


'Saturday' is the new single from 'Street in the Sky' the forthcoming album from The Enemy. I can't wait to the new album which I can imagine it will be utter madness, but I have to say that this song is not as good a 'Gimme the Sign' is. It made me brake suddenly and Listen/watch The video over and over again, that doesn't means it is not great, sure it is a grower, maybe it'll work when i listen the whole album. On the Bright Side we finally have a proper saturday anthem all in the song works fine to make a track you will love,is fucking class, a well done The Enemy classic and is very catchy. and some slags are talking hypster bollocks on youtube, fuck them. "Live the dreams you had and be who you wanna be". The lyrics are joyful maybe we can play it before a night out (before Saturday Night by Whigfield) hahahaha {Tom Clarke won't like that} .

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