Friday, 6 April 2012

A+E = Graham Coxon the GREAT

Rated: Music Is My Radar

What an album! utter music stampede. To Listen to this you will need a space suite because it takes you to the outer space in a rocket at top speed. You might meet The Jetsons there couse it has a futuristic vibe from the 1960's.

It seems like Graham was rejoicing to be alone playing with all he has, and created music that is to good that you feel the need to be in the same playground, So good to be true! It is amazing and ispiring, I don't know how to play any instrument but know I want to learn and join a band or maybe not and roll with myself.

At the begining it reminded me to RKC's British Plastic where Adam Ficek enjoyed as well to play with all sort of sounds but 'A+E' is a bit more 'grown up'. It also reminds me to Suede but without the darkness or something, it is just Joy, joy for creating music and self expression.

The sound of the album is pure britpop but with a twist, it feel like you are back in the early 90s and you are playing the radio in America, so you hear Nirvana, Pearl Jam, even Madonna's Bedtime Stories Followed by a Bunch of New sounds from Great Britain. Guitar Madness all they way but not interrumpting all the other instruments. The right mix at the right time that pleases you.

The Album may not have a super hit but the entire album is a hit, something to add in the collection of a music lover. It is so brilliant you want to hear in the future and say "press was always wrong, it was musicians like Graham Coxon that made us belive that there's someone that still cares" . It is art to show to unbelievers or the clueless kids and instruct them what is music.

Iconic Tracks: City Hall, What'll it Take, Seven Naked Valleys, Running For Your Life, (The amazing ) Knife in the Cast.

eventhough some songs remind me Phone adverts THERE'S NO A BAD TRACK ;)

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