Saturday, 21 April 2012

California 37- Train

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction

California 90210 should be the name of this new Train album because is music for a Californian tv drama almost every song in this record could be the perfect cheesy theme for sunny-rich kids soup opera and the songs that do not are like that could be well played by the prince charming in the show or be the prom song.

The album starts with 'This'll Be My Year' which surely will not be Train's year. Plenty of songs attempt to be anthems or memorable sing-a-long songs, but that never happens unless you are a US high school and you live by the beach and you are a nice girl looking to have fun in a safe party , yes it is music for stereotypes. All are the kind of songs that are played on Beverly Hills 90210, The Hills, Gossip Girl, Californication and obviously in The O.C. which theme song 'California' is what Train tried so hard to do here.All this California drama turns Mexican in '50 Ways To Say Goodbye' the perfect intro for a Telenovela, which is almost the same.

The album has very interesting sounds like in 'Feels Good at First' sort of girl country-pop music.All the songs good sounds are ruined by lyrics and an awful voice, I bet Ashley Monroe never met the band to make 'Bruises' cause that song is hideously made, just pasted a voice over another voice and it have cuts and gaps, Horrible!. Anyway the most interesting song is 'Mermaid' which is a magnificent surprise after listening all the ugliness in the album, it is a short trip to early 'american' 2000's.

Even though the album is boring it is fine to a road trip, if you can deal with the annoying voice mixture.Maybe all songs were made for telephone companys advertising campaings because that's exactly what you get. It's not that bad but it's not good at all, gets kinda good and familiar at the end.

To Listen: When The Fog Rolls In,We Were Made For This,Mermaid,

To avoid: Bruises, You Can Finally Meet My Mom, Drive By

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