Saturday, 14 April 2012

[Single] ' Parasite ' - Hadouken!


New single of Hadouken! , it is for free which we apreciate.

The begining of this song is so good, it is very interesting but then it gets to what Hadouken! usually do, but is not boring at all, has a little twist like a new kind of creepy boy band in drugs (hallucinogens) .The bad thing is too short, ends so quickly, it start growing on you but someone cut it suddenly.

If you like Hadouken! You will love it, if you don't like them or haven't hear about them 'Parasite' is a good track to get involved. It is the band but without going so hard ('a bit more comercial') Example-ish. I'm waiting for the new album hope it sounds like this.



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