Friday, 20 April 2012

[single] Burn it Down -Linkin Park


"The cycle repeated" says the lyrics so they did. This sounds like a track that meant to be in their 'Hybrid Theory' or 'Meteora' they take us back to that sounds era but doesn't feel as good as back in the day. The song have an average good beginning but the moment Chester starts singing I felt annoyed, seem like they focused too much in the sound and they forgot the voices,cause Joe Hahn didn't make it better. The song is apparently compared with Numb(feat. Jay-Z), I quite don't understand why, doesn't feel like that. It sounds like Linkin Park , has what make them unique, a retrospective to 2000-2005 but it is not explosive,is bland. But have to admit that if the album is going to be like this it could be interesting, just hoping the voices get better and have at least a wow fact, but  we will have to wait till June to see

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