Friday, 20 April 2012

[single] Payphone- Maroon 5


What ever happened with the 'rocky' band they were? This song is the sequel of  'Stereo Hearts' by Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine with a bit of Africa like 'Bang Bang' -K'naan feat. Adam (again!). From the beginning to the end is Adam making his annoying voice, that seems to work for the ladies. This band is just delivering music for the masses, they're don't giving a shit , only making songs for chicks to use them as ringtones and this song is the proof . The song only concentrates in Adam Levine and it's disappointing because he don't even make an effort, aside of trying to hard to make that voice that I don't hear it in the first album. the rappy part provided by Wiz Khalifa is just to make it 'cool' or 'cooler', but nah it still a mess, like using 'fuck' and 'shit' as many times as possible in a song. The music in the song is low good, not surprising and repetitive once again to make Adam be noticed. "One more stupid love song".

You Don't deserve to be hurt with this thing so I'm not putting the song here.

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