Sunday, 25 August 2013

Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action by Franz Ferdinand

Rated: Like a Virgin

....Right Way To Comeback! This album is the closest to perfection that have appeared this year. Almost 10 years after their first album was released and Franz Ferdinand still sounding young, fresh and as energetic as ever. All songs have a vibrant vibe even the ones that are more quiet it is pure rock and roll and really epic.

Even though for many people 'Tonight:' was a failure as being a follow up this is the right one not just because it continues, in less amount, with synths and party+darkness mood of past album but it also reconnects with the band's beginnings and it is delightful. A death and space-y theme seems to put the songs together, there's highs and lows but most of all speediness and fun, which make a classic entertaining album that will last forever because its impossible to get tired with many things happening and in harmony, that just can came with experience. It's a safe move from the band,to not be so risky like 2009's album but it is very pleasant step forward.  

If someone knows how to rock and roll is Franz Ferdinand and as usual this is a dance rock album but from all their albums this one is the closest to charts and pop music.So it gets even more catchy and cheerful than ever .With a little dash of 80's synth pop and modern and eclectic sounds their unique style has been refreshed with plenty of surprising and attractive well placed treats to make an intriguing and enjoyable record.Instruments play such rocky-sweet melodies and voice just blends there like another instrument that is not competing to stand out but everything is definitely on a race.  At some points it can sound amateur and like tribute band but is part of the youngness that it has.

Instead of trying to be vanguard this album is just Right mixing their past with what is trendy now and  giving glimpses of what is next but without being obvious. This is the sound of an 60's upbeat album on this days should sound in outer space party for The Jetsons. Impact after Impact, every song is good, this album is a definitely must have, not just for fans but fore everyone that likes good music. Even though there are some bad reviews this album is congruent, consistent and full of power one of the best in my opinion. And the closing is just amazing.  

To Listen:Right Action, Evil Eye, Love Illumination,Treason! Animals. , The Universe Expanded, Goodbye Lovers & Friends

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Where You Stand by Travis

Rated:(I can't get no) Satisfaction 

Although it seems that the band had disappeared and the release of their last album was five years ago, and was quite forgettable , they are back with a studio album that sound exactly like the past 6 albums.But the band haven't lost their style or have fallen into a pop vulgarism to make ephemeral music that will last as the latest fashion.

It is kind of good that a band doesn't change too much but releasing the same album more that once could be boring. Travis are back using the old tricks, bits of melancholy, cheerfulness, nice melodies, highs and low, etc. all is right and very well mixed but at this point/times you expect something more from the band that not just bring them to modern times but to upgrade their style. This album sound old or rather stuck between  "The Man Who" (1999) and "The Boy With No Name" (2007). The little differences are not enough to be noticed or to stand out from the other albums,aside from past one (wich was quite aggressive compared to others), just that this has less "hits" or memorable tracks, that is ironic because this aims more for pop. The band needs to get loose and create something that is not too safe and demure.

But don't get it wrong the album is sweet and lovably. How everything mixes is excellent, it goes from quiet to load and hard, in Travis style obviously,it is entertaining and very pleasant for the fans. Travis once again nailed to do a record which you can relate with and enjoy, it has charm.'Where You Stand' properly represents the band in many ways, and could be iconic but is the fact that they didn't take the next step.This album even have that song,'New Shoes', that stands out from others because is slightly different from others but stills in the same line which is typically from the band.  Have they given all yet? I don't think so, It is just fear to fail but no pain no game.

Recommended: Mother,Where You Stand,New Shoes,The Big Screen

Crimes Of Passion by Crocodiles

Rated:Music is my Radar 

14 months ago the band released 'Endless Flowers' and now they are releasing an other good production. Apparently for the band it comes natural to do nice music and to not be repetitive. How This album flows and chronologically comes is exquisite, is the real next step to the band without being expected because is different from the others but the band hasn't change and doesn't sounds forced is simple and harmonious.

They've put together the best of psycodelic rock, punk, and pop in their classic form and with a little touch of 1960's vibe but not in an overrated style and modernizing just a little the whole concept.More dance-able and cheerful notes than in previous records but with the same goal to entertain, be creative and explore new ways to exploit their essence in new genres, so is definitely not a boring album. The percussion stays in the same range connecting every song in a rock and roll style and the album is very well escorted by a old vibe so the result of many things is a very own Crocodiles album in a soft-aggressive psychedelic pop with bits of darkness.

This Album is surprising,charming and comes with plenty of songs that you can call "classics".It might not be the best album of the year or not even in the top 10 but is an attractive one, full of joy, very pleasant and the perfect follow up in band's career .(Perhaps) They only need to switch the lo-fi to hi-fi to make the perfect album it sounds too garage-y but isn't bad at all just would be nice to hear a different effect to their sound and that's kind of what separates this band from many other that do the same so it makes it more unique.

Recommended:  I Like It In The Dark,. Heavy Metal Clouds,She Splits Me Up,  Me And My Machine Gun, Un Chant D Amour

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Big TV by White Lies

Rated: Music is my Radar 

With cool old 80's vibes, plenty of synths and more elaborated sound White Lies' third album might be  a hit, at least among their fans . This album is very much what you expect from the band and nothing less /nothing more which is pleasant but with a little effort it could have been astonishing. It is very entertaining but not too risky.

While many musicians are focusing in the 1990's sounds White Lies didn't and they keep looking to 1980's , and this album is an avalanche of that decade. 'To Lose My Life...' had a bit of the same feeling and earned many comparisons to many bands and with 'Ritual' they tried to get rid a bit of that being more experimental but couldn't escape, the third album, Big TV, brings back that style in a large amount without being repetitive or dated. There are plenty little touches of modernity that bring that era to a high quality modern times that refresh the style and moves away from the clich├ęs. The amalgam of instruments, voice, lyrics, style and feeling is more Pop than ever and could be the closest to the band beginnings as 'Fear of Flying' but very much mature, so the Indie-Pop of that days and the Post Punk Revival and Rock  from last two albums are now mixed and create some sort of new-new wave and funk mix, pretty epic, even gets dance-y.

What is great is that the progress of the band is notorious, this album sound more worked,more perfectionist, the little details make the album stands out from anyone who might be similar.Their unique style, that they set up from the first album, is there and growing with every song, it is easy to recognize not just for Harry's Voice but for the whole mix. The epic and powerful sounds mixed with that dark-but-cheerful style is the formula that White Lies repeat once again but giving little twists, although, this record has less try-out notes than the second album it still entertaining and new as the first one and there's are a little new side of the band that is lovely .

Maybe the band will never equalize  'To Lose My Life...' but there's always something pleasing and new that loyal followers will love and any listener will enjoy .The band always stay focus on a concept in which every song turn around and this album is not the exception from start to end the album flows naturally,with a space-y direction .The biggest surprises are the amazing guitar riffs, that the percussion got more attention and the synths are loud enough and all together at moments get loose. The only problem is that it is too safe.But surely a delight.

Recommend: Big TV,First Time Caller,Getting Even,Change,Heaven Wait