Sunday, 18 August 2013

Crimes Of Passion by Crocodiles

Rated:Music is my Radar 

14 months ago the band released 'Endless Flowers' and now they are releasing an other good production. Apparently for the band it comes natural to do nice music and to not be repetitive. How This album flows and chronologically comes is exquisite, is the real next step to the band without being expected because is different from the others but the band hasn't change and doesn't sounds forced is simple and harmonious.

They've put together the best of psycodelic rock, punk, and pop in their classic form and with a little touch of 1960's vibe but not in an overrated style and modernizing just a little the whole concept.More dance-able and cheerful notes than in previous records but with the same goal to entertain, be creative and explore new ways to exploit their essence in new genres, so is definitely not a boring album. The percussion stays in the same range connecting every song in a rock and roll style and the album is very well escorted by a old vibe so the result of many things is a very own Crocodiles album in a soft-aggressive psychedelic pop with bits of darkness.

This Album is surprising,charming and comes with plenty of songs that you can call "classics".It might not be the best album of the year or not even in the top 10 but is an attractive one, full of joy, very pleasant and the perfect follow up in band's career .(Perhaps) They only need to switch the lo-fi to hi-fi to make the perfect album it sounds too garage-y but isn't bad at all just would be nice to hear a different effect to their sound and that's kind of what separates this band from many other that do the same so it makes it more unique.

Recommended:  I Like It In The Dark,. Heavy Metal Clouds,She Splits Me Up,  Me And My Machine Gun, Un Chant D Amour

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