Sunday, 11 August 2013

Big TV by White Lies

Rated: Music is my Radar 

With cool old 80's vibes, plenty of synths and more elaborated sound White Lies' third album might be  a hit, at least among their fans . This album is very much what you expect from the band and nothing less /nothing more which is pleasant but with a little effort it could have been astonishing. It is very entertaining but not too risky.

While many musicians are focusing in the 1990's sounds White Lies didn't and they keep looking to 1980's , and this album is an avalanche of that decade. 'To Lose My Life...' had a bit of the same feeling and earned many comparisons to many bands and with 'Ritual' they tried to get rid a bit of that being more experimental but couldn't escape, the third album, Big TV, brings back that style in a large amount without being repetitive or dated. There are plenty little touches of modernity that bring that era to a high quality modern times that refresh the style and moves away from the clichés. The amalgam of instruments, voice, lyrics, style and feeling is more Pop than ever and could be the closest to the band beginnings as 'Fear of Flying' but very much mature, so the Indie-Pop of that days and the Post Punk Revival and Rock  from last two albums are now mixed and create some sort of new-new wave and funk mix, pretty epic, even gets dance-y.

What is great is that the progress of the band is notorious, this album sound more worked,more perfectionist, the little details make the album stands out from anyone who might be similar.Their unique style, that they set up from the first album, is there and growing with every song, it is easy to recognize not just for Harry's Voice but for the whole mix. The epic and powerful sounds mixed with that dark-but-cheerful style is the formula that White Lies repeat once again but giving little twists, although, this record has less try-out notes than the second album it still entertaining and new as the first one and there's are a little new side of the band that is lovely .

Maybe the band will never equalize  'To Lose My Life...' but there's always something pleasing and new that loyal followers will love and any listener will enjoy .The band always stay focus on a concept in which every song turn around and this album is not the exception from start to end the album flows naturally,with a space-y direction .The biggest surprises are the amazing guitar riffs, that the percussion got more attention and the synths are loud enough and all together at moments get loose. The only problem is that it is too safe.But surely a delight.

Recommend: Big TV,First Time Caller,Getting Even,Change,Heaven Wait

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