Sunday, 29 September 2013

Innocents -by Moby

Rated: Music is my Radar 

Many trying to bring this 90's ambient electronica back but there's only one that could it done perfectly or maybe it was never gone for Moby. This new album keeps up with his last albums but has less modernity and could be more transcendental/Complete/interesting.It doesn't mean it is not trendy this album has enough to compete against anything on the charts now and give a lesson of  how to mix without being pretentious even Lana del Rey can learn something because there's a vibe in which she could get inspired by or inspired by her. The end of the 1990's chill music makes it attractive plus intriguing and is mixed with little doses of more fashionable tunes that make the album be a little more timeless in Moby's very own style. The record is a delighting mix of many sounds that could turn low and soft of more powerful and vibrant. 

The music is relaxing and more balanced than in past record which at some moments it heard to be crashing and producing a bit of mess. It perfectly flows and variates from disco to more folkloric and kind of gospel sounds also there are bits of soft sounds and more "aggressive" ones that blend very well together like in the song 'Don't Love Me', which also mixes some sort of sexiness . Every song is beautiful like a work of art so you can hear the difference between a random generic singer/band and the brilliance of Moby. The tracks are mostly cheerful with a dark little twist and have nice warms ups and keep growing to explode in music joyfulness . Collaborations as in any album from this musician works magically and make sense as the instrumental lapses do. This album is so easy to identify with Moby's unique style and is very pleasant to hear it to give a rest to your mind from many noise pollution we get this days.        

Recommended: A Case For Shame , The Perfect Life, Don't Love Me, The Lonely Night , The Dogs

Saturday, 28 September 2013

The 20/20 Experience Pt. 2 by Justin Timberlake

Rated: A Kind of Magic 

After a bit weak first part this second one makes the Justin Timberlake come back even more joyful and kind of rejuvenate the style and sound. The 20/20 Experience Pt. 1 was the refined, sophisticated and adult side of Justin and now this is the young and playful one.I was concerned that this could sound way different because first single is a different but this is the perfect sequel that makes the album has a better close.It keeps exploring "new" sounds and mixing them gorgeously also the songs twist at the end which create almost a new song, like in FutureSex/LoveSounds,  the only problem that it keeps carrying on is that songs turn a bit boring because they are too long. At some point it gets cheese as part 1 but this is less pretentious and more electronic and in party mode but balanced with acoustic guitars that are a glee.

Musically it isn't genius as is not very innovating but it is more like the whole composition what makes this album be so good. It sounds a lot like 2000's Justin Timberlake and to the music that was popular in 2003 ,so, at some moments it could sound dated but JT is perfect to replay this and make it some sort of a timeless genre because He knows how to do it brilliantly and gladly he's not just following a trend. The diversity of music blended ,so well,  is  amazing , even the songs that are very long  keep you at least surprising once in a while with little treats. Although it is not very modern it is some how up to date, resembles new Daft Punk and songs from Great Gatsby OST and even give an idea of what Nsync sounded in the early 00's and how it could sound in this era. It contains tracks that like for those girl fans but also more rocky and crazy tunes, so is balanced, corny and powerful, it also brings more of the JT live experience with more natural songs and not so worked. This is just as nice as the first part but a spiced up.

Recommend:  Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want),Take Back the Night, Murder ,Drink You Away,Not A Bad Thing

Sunday, 22 September 2013

This is... by Icona Pop

Rated:Lucy in the Sky

Finally a duo that can bring out what a Powerpuff Girls album could sound like. This album is the international debut of the Swedish pop sensation so it includes some tracks from their first production that was released less than a year ago. From start to end this album is all of the best of pop, enjoyable , catchy and dance-y , it has the chart music vibe but without being one of the bunch.This record has its own style and stands out from the others because is modern and very girl power.There are highs and lows but mostly high hyper dance beats and the lows help to break what it could be a monotonous record that is average in today's charts .

Dance, joyful and crazy like any young pop band ,but with incredible tunes that will be hard to forget. Probably Icona Pop will just be like another craze band and will end soon (5 years) but if they keep this style, who cares!, it will be a memorable career . The music style is like for the same target market as Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, etc so it is strong and commercial but with a lot of feeling on it to find empathy. Synths are wild and voice is refreshing, it has a very similar feeling to the Spice Girls. The beat changes to create another mood and everything is in harmony and measured like a good Power Pop album should be. It is nothing new or special, could be compared with Calvin Harris latest track, but the duo own it and make it very cheeky and feminine, they managed to twist the popular music and cool it up.

Recommended:  I Love It, All Night,Girlfriend, In The Stars, Hold On, Then We Kiss

Mechanical Bull by Kings Of Leon

Rated: Music is my Radar 

Kings of Leon are back with a good album that hopefully will get better feed back than previous one. Mechanical Bull, the six album by the band, is a a great follow up without being too corny but  still have similarities with 'Come Around Sundown' but spicing it up with a vibe of the first albums.It sounds like this is the more relaxed  album the band have done, it is not too worked, sounds like more natural, the band let it flow and is so nice because add some more joy and an emphatic feeling . You can hear more of the band without many details that sometimes, in past songs, just overshadowed the band essence.It is pure but very well edited to have a more charming sound for the new fans and the old ones . There's a lot of passion for doing the perfect music but not aiming for being the best.

Young and refreshing is what this new album sound like but with a twist of classic late 70's and 80's  rock and is less Country Pop than previous records and the Garage Rock style stand outs more again like in the first albums. The album has everything typical from rock and roll, nice beat, fun, nice lyrics, a bit of cockiness, some craziness, etc. everything works perfectly together and gets close to all that amazing bands like  Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Guns N' Roses,White Snake, Eagles and all those bands we enjoy when randomly pop up on the radio, but targeting a public for this  era and that is modern and love to hear bits of trendy sounds. Could sound like is a very though album but is not, it keeps a mellow and sweet ambient  like the last one but with plenty more of an adult-but-playful version of KOL. Music is a delight probably nothing so new except for some Jazzy tunes but how good and timeless the blend was done is what makes this album entertaining and distinguishing the band once again .

Recommended:  Supersoaker, Don’t Matter,  Wait for Me, Family Tree, Comeback Story,  On the Chin

The Bones of What You Believe by CHVRCHES

Rated: Like a Virgin

The new Scottish band comes stomping hard with this sort of new sound.  This is the atypical beat in the stereotypical chart synth pop, the band are aporting to the genre, that these days could be repetitive and is starting to become boring, some kind of clever new mix to the sound and are definitely creating their own style. A magnificent shift to what is hip and popular nowadays, with a  young new spirit is what industry has been looking for  with the indie touch and 'The Bones of What You Believe' has all to hit, catchy tunes, fast,entertaining , dance and  juvenile, songs will definitely gonna get stuck in your head for a while. Although they  are very similar the band managed to put some interesting sounds in each track that will keep you listening and interested as it is  new and joyful.  

The innovating sound is a mix of late 80's and 1990's dance scene but not what was very mainstream but some sort of variation the underground dj, clubbing and dance scene ,like the song 'Let Me Love You For Tonight ' by Kariya, this record has a intriguing cool sound. The
Songs morph into something even better to what were you listening and percussion not just join everything but gives it a more hard sound than the usual. The result is a mix of two very different songs merging to be just one dance tune and the band nailed it perfectly. At some points it does get a lot like ordinary pop and what we can listen on Top 40's but the key moments are huge enough to make the album very special and magic it even sound like a lite version of new rave. Mixing the old with the new  and calm moments with party  Chvrches debut album is set to be memorable.

Recommended:You Caught The Light,Lungs,Science/Vision, Night Sky, Lies,Tether,Gun,The Mother We Share

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Nothing Was The Same by Drake

 6 /10  
Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction

Drake is back and letting all out, his feelings are supposed to do the talk but unfortunately it sounds forced/faked. Perhaps the willing was good because there's a lot of effort and you can hear it in each song and that could be the main problem with this album, it  sounds  far too worked and overthink that the essence is lost. It is dull and the only few good moments, that are where it sounds natural and with guts, are lost or didn't got the attention to spice this album up. It lacks of aggression/wildness ,variety , spark and modernity that some previous albums had have. Some good collaborations could been  used in the right way, but the album is to inclined to Pop and to be catchy that everything sounds messy.

Depression is also playing a big role here, there is a lot of this feeling that a new genre has been invented, Emo-Hip Hop, it sounds theatrical and not very real. The music is a little-much "dark" and the R&B is undistinguished, we have heard this album a million times in the 2000's that is boring. Although it sounds like early Kanye West music there's an exaggeration that doesn't let the songs shine. This record is probably the most intimate from all Drake's  albums but fail to be intriguing and there's no balance of hollow and encouragement, it is very sad, slow and dated . A very typical album of hip-hop and R&B that is not giving anything new or taking something, except for joy, it is not impressive or to make so much buzz about it. The album has the potential with many clever twist it has but doesn't innovate or provoke any action, is just one more.

-No songs to recommend-

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Loud Like Love by Placebo

Rated: Music is my Radar 

This band never disappoint to create an good album because they have a consistent work that will probably never be a massive hit (Again?),modern or radical but is always satisfying, impressive and congruent with past records. The way the band  manage to keep the style is genius, they never go out of  it but never repeat they just give little variations to it and this album s full of that,  in the right amount. The band know how to mix those chill fashionable vibes with more hard and  the sort of anger the past albums have had is now transformed to something more melancholic and almost mellow which add more to the band range , although  in the previous records it was  a similar feeling this record is where it explodes. Also is a bit more cheerful not just lyrics, feeling, and voice but music is more up beat that could be on the dance-rock side but obviously with more rock and roll than  clubbing. Music  resembles the mid 1990's relaxing style and psychodelia it is soft, fine and refreshing with very vibrant style and weird positivism. Another scale of the same old good band.

The songs have many variations which keep you interested and there's no way you can get bore with the amazing mix which is very 'classic' Placebo with little sparks of trendy music (psychodelia, synth-pop,new wave, etc). The album has plenty to offer the keep you entertain and enjoying to bits, it goes from gloomy lyrics with cheerleaders beats to more sweet and merry notes mixed with hard rock , it is a complete album that even thought it combine a lot it sounds natural , not forced or crashing at all, and that gives another 'sight' of the band but without losing or going too far from what they are used, fans will love. It doesn't matter if you have been a fan since the beginning of the band or this is the first album you will hear, the amount of Placebo on this record is so good that you will be delighted to listen to it , any ways , it is a good start and an amazing complement to their career and also is radio friendly.Balanced, complex, dark an timeless from beginning to end.  

Recommended: Scene Of The Crime,Too Many Friends, Hold On To Me,Exit Wounds,Begin The End


Rated:Meat is Murder

The band is finally back with an album that will not fulfill great expectations. A little more than three years the band released 'Congratulations' with a slightly different sound from their debut hit album to not be too 'pop' and to be less successful. This Album is the sequel but in its most Pop form. There are plenty bands these days mixing psychedelia, synth-pop and rock , dream pop,etc. that to succeed you have to be surprising and this album is not. It is plain, although there are many new elements from the band like more hard-industrial sounds the  record got lost in selfishness and many bizarre beats like a pop female singer that tries too look freaky to get attention but it's not Gaga or Niki Minaj  just a sad forgettable one.

The album is pretentious, weird and heavy, like for real, it feels like music is a weight in your head and after a while you start getting exhausted, the sound is fine but is too much and not surprising. The voice is lost again like in congratulations and just like the lyrics it sound forced to be "chill" or "cool" . There are some good moments like when it get more cheerful and rhythmic ,like in first album, some powerful notes and vibes are shyly hidden under layers and layers of trying to sound different and supernatural . The songs tend to transform and pass many stages that make the album interesting and not so boring. 'Cool Song No. 2' mysteriously sounds like it came out of Blur's Think Tank but in a psychedelic way  and is the only one that is fun and were the voice sounds potent and leading which was MGMT's original sound.

With more than one listen you might probably find more nice moments but as a lot it doesn't surprise it is like one of the bunch of psycho-pop, the band identification gets weaker and is too much 'dizziness' or 'drowsiness' to handle. It is closer than the second album was to the demos and to 'Oracle Spectacular'  and have a nice 80's touch, but  is over-oddness and attempting to be so atypical is overrated. The album mixes a lot and is sweet but is like the a super-dull version of Madonna's True Blue with out the hits or the spark so it means there are many good different sounds but needed more attention and to concentrate in how to make it astonishing and modern. I bet the band will move on and split or keep trying to loose fans as they will work on side projects just to not be 'mainstream', which is  a shame.

-No Song To Highlight-

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Forever by Holograms

Rated: A Kind of Magic 

A bit more than a year since the band released their first full-length album which was more gloomy and garage, but as great  a this new one.The previous EP's and songs were too loose and was difficult to identify their style,with a similar sound to The Futureheads, but here is the album that hopefully will give them the fame they deserve and will the define their style. This album is an evolution to a more eloquent and strong sound but they just polished their skills so is basically the same in a more congruent direction. There still a uncontrolled and young atmosphere with a dark twist that makes the album more intriguing and enjoyable, alongside with the variations of very cheerful and dance tracks to the most overwhelming and 'obscure' ones.

Song after song and minute after minute the album keeps getting better and surprising, the songs are powerful and full of energy. 'Forever' keeps the band idea of having fun with the music and sound very natural, although it is full of details it doesn't sound elaborated, it flows magnificently, the song are all in the same line but not being boring or similar, it is a nice brotherhood of songs. The album is full of great energy and old classic rock vibe gives the band a especial thing that make them stand out form many other good bands. The mix of everything and mostly the genres is very potent like a blend of many metal/alternative/rock bands like from Papa Roach and Slipknot to Queens of the Stone Age, Metallica and Iron Maiden but in a softer and Pop-y, mellow way without being cheese, so it is sweet, beaming and the music tell a story by its own.It is a fast Swedish Punk-New Wave-Epic-Rocky mature album that sounds familiar but with a fresh sensation, it is just brilliant and vigorizing.

Recommended:  A Sacred State, Flesh & Bone, Meditations, Luminous,Lay Us Dow

AM by Arctic Monkeys

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction 

Two years after their last album the band is back with the same formula but with the right direction but fail in edition. This new album has a very mature sound (ann closer to Kasabian) , flows really well and the songs are very attached to each other which is provably where it get a bit boring.'R  U Mine' was "first single" of this album released more than a year ago, it is amazing and was a return to the band's roots with a more grown up sound, it was also a great starting point to the album but every song in this record is a variation of that song with no much effort to make it better or to surprise. The first two minutes of every song are everything for the music then the music is like played on loop, they are very good sounds but does not change for a long, long time and songs are very long, a shorten length for every song would have done great things for the album because is could be strongest band album so far. Everything is good but not impressive, a bit pretentious and cocky but it is part of the Arctic Monkeys but safe.

Although their last album , Suck It & See, had great reviews, in my opinion it wasn't so great because is a bit messy and not very related to previous works. 'AM' is like a good sequel to a floppy past because is very similar but with the very Arctic Monkeys style and in their unique way to sound modern but not fashionable. A more American sound mixed with a 90's and 50's rock and roll vibe, which is what make it a nice follow up, made this album interesting and if you listen closely there are bits/ or vibes that are inspired by 80's synth and new vave .There is a little twist for the band and there are nice new sounds that make you want to hear the album but unfortunately not in full because tends to bore. The album is magnificently worked,it is more dramatic almost like Muse but with rhythm (dance-y), and very related to the band, it has a nice funk touch but is a bit plain as for there's no explosion. Though there are highs and lows that keep you awake it doesn't really manage to surprise but it is exciting .

Recommend:R U Mine?, One for the Road, Arabella, Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?, Snap Out Of It

Kiss Land by The Weeknd

Rated: We're Not Gonna Take it 

Don't understand why so much people were excited about this album, it is maybe because is the 'acceptable' version of Chris Brown(?). This album is another male pop one that is mixed with R&B and electronic beats like Justin Bieber,Chris Brown,Justin Timberlake (not that great) and many others so it is trendy and nothing more. For The Weeknd is kind of upsetting because you expect something more relaxed and less pop. The music is good with little 70's-80's vibes but is plain, there a few songs that have edgy variations which are perfectly made. It starts like warming up to big surprising tunes but never wild seems to happened to the record and songs need edition they're far too long. As a whole the sound is predictable and compared to last year's songs it is a little slope  because the identity is faded probably is more to please that to create something.

Yes it is hip, it is vibbing and well made but is not astonishing or outstanding from many others out there. All songs flow very well and there are soft and more clubbing ones, there's balance and entertainment  but it needs to be spiced up, it needs something that is so good that stands out from others and that identify the musician. The style stills there but the direction is what is wrong, it goes to much to the pop side and to the masses so The Weeknd essence is a bit lost and also there's nothing new so turns kind of boring and overheard album that will be forgotten but it is nice and you can hear the effort in every detail, just wasn't enough.

Not Likely:  Kiss Land,Pretty

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Later...When The TV Turns To Static by Glasvegas

Rated: A Kind of Magic

After a little more than two years since the release of  "‎Euphoric Heartbreak" the band is releasing another big production that is even more powerful and overwhelming than past works. As it is usual the band is going for a melancholic/death/dark themed album but adding some kind of laments and lullaby's .This album has more balance with cheerful and bleak songs because it is not extremist, to be a Glasvegas album. Although there are few modern sounds the album still sounding actual in a strange way mostly because is a step forward for the band and you can hear the progress and their essence with slightly new variations .

The music played is more epic than past albums and very sci-fi  theatrical which gives a little twist to what is expected and make the record more enjoyable.The percussion is very potent and almost get all the attention but guitars are very loud as well so 'classic' rock predominates but there are bits of everything in more fewer portions but add a lot the album that at first could be monotonous. There are more 'folkloric' sounds than in any other of their records. Also there's a more loose feeling that makes a more relaxed because last two records are more controlled but this is as worked as any of their albums and sounding as it was effortless so this album is their most solid so far and blends in the right amount many sounds that makes it interesting and brilliant without losing the band's appealing.

Recommended:Later...When The TV Turns To Static,All I Want Is My Baby,I'd Rather Be Dead (Than Be With You), If,Neon Bedroom

Sequel To The Prequel by Babyshambles

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction 

After 5 years or so the band is back together and releasing  their third album and for many the 'long' waiting is over. The album is everything you expect,typical from the band,  and very nice but probably not for this era, it still in sounds like mid noughties .It is not a repetition but is not very innovating the band decided not to be very risky and to not be experimental as well so theres a unsatisfactory feeling because is an 'acclaimed' comeback so should be bigger and surprising even though it could very bad but not just be "meh". Any how it feels like Babyshambles  were struggling to make it hip and to refresh themselves but it is like a slow progress because the album start sounding modern at the end but not very successful, anyway it is brilliant how is part of band's catalog .  

Is good that the band hasn't change and that they  still got the charm and the strange manner to highlight Peter Doherty annoyingly stills there. The music is played mostly very quiet and is a shame because sometimes there are very interesting sounds that overshadowed by a voice and lyrics that doesn't collaborate too much. The lyrics are a bit weak and  kind of forced to be funny,silly and punk-y that could have worked but the band needed to grown up a bit and be out of their comfort zone and surprise the fans.What makes this album good is the songs that are very well mixed and integrate everything in harmony, also, the songs that are new beats for the band are good and show that the band care. More cheerful and animated songs also balance the album but doesn't sound effortless. The album is fine but nothing  that your next-corner-venue-band could do better.

Recommended: Nothing Comes To Nothing,Farmer’s Daughter,Sequel To The Prequel,Dr. No, Minefield