Sunday, 8 September 2013

AM by Arctic Monkeys

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction 

Two years after their last album the band is back with the same formula but with the right direction but fail in edition. This new album has a very mature sound (ann closer to Kasabian) , flows really well and the songs are very attached to each other which is provably where it get a bit boring.'R  U Mine' was "first single" of this album released more than a year ago, it is amazing and was a return to the band's roots with a more grown up sound, it was also a great starting point to the album but every song in this record is a variation of that song with no much effort to make it better or to surprise. The first two minutes of every song are everything for the music then the music is like played on loop, they are very good sounds but does not change for a long, long time and songs are very long, a shorten length for every song would have done great things for the album because is could be strongest band album so far. Everything is good but not impressive, a bit pretentious and cocky but it is part of the Arctic Monkeys but safe.

Although their last album , Suck It & See, had great reviews, in my opinion it wasn't so great because is a bit messy and not very related to previous works. 'AM' is like a good sequel to a floppy past because is very similar but with the very Arctic Monkeys style and in their unique way to sound modern but not fashionable. A more American sound mixed with a 90's and 50's rock and roll vibe, which is what make it a nice follow up, made this album interesting and if you listen closely there are bits/ or vibes that are inspired by 80's synth and new vave .There is a little twist for the band and there are nice new sounds that make you want to hear the album but unfortunately not in full because tends to bore. The album is magnificently worked,it is more dramatic almost like Muse but with rhythm (dance-y), and very related to the band, it has a nice funk touch but is a bit plain as for there's no explosion. Though there are highs and lows that keep you awake it doesn't really manage to surprise but it is exciting .

Recommend:R U Mine?, One for the Road, Arabella, Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?, Snap Out Of It

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