Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Bones of What You Believe by CHVRCHES

Rated: Like a Virgin

The new Scottish band comes stomping hard with this sort of new sound.  This is the atypical beat in the stereotypical chart synth pop, the band are aporting to the genre, that these days could be repetitive and is starting to become boring, some kind of clever new mix to the sound and are definitely creating their own style. A magnificent shift to what is hip and popular nowadays, with a  young new spirit is what industry has been looking for  with the indie touch and 'The Bones of What You Believe' has all to hit, catchy tunes, fast,entertaining , dance and  juvenile, songs will definitely gonna get stuck in your head for a while. Although they  are very similar the band managed to put some interesting sounds in each track that will keep you listening and interested as it is  new and joyful.  

The innovating sound is a mix of late 80's and 1990's dance scene but not what was very mainstream but some sort of variation the underground dj, clubbing and dance scene ,like the song 'Let Me Love You For Tonight ' by Kariya, this record has a intriguing cool sound. The
Songs morph into something even better to what were you listening and percussion not just join everything but gives it a more hard sound than the usual. The result is a mix of two very different songs merging to be just one dance tune and the band nailed it perfectly. At some points it does get a lot like ordinary pop and what we can listen on Top 40's but the key moments are huge enough to make the album very special and magic it even sound like a lite version of new rave. Mixing the old with the new  and calm moments with party  Chvrches debut album is set to be memorable.

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