Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mechanical Bull by Kings Of Leon

Rated: Music is my Radar 

Kings of Leon are back with a good album that hopefully will get better feed back than previous one. Mechanical Bull, the six album by the band, is a a great follow up without being too corny but  still have similarities with 'Come Around Sundown' but spicing it up with a vibe of the first albums.It sounds like this is the more relaxed  album the band have done, it is not too worked, sounds like more natural, the band let it flow and is so nice because add some more joy and an emphatic feeling . You can hear more of the band without many details that sometimes, in past songs, just overshadowed the band essence.It is pure but very well edited to have a more charming sound for the new fans and the old ones . There's a lot of passion for doing the perfect music but not aiming for being the best.

Young and refreshing is what this new album sound like but with a twist of classic late 70's and 80's  rock and is less Country Pop than previous records and the Garage Rock style stand outs more again like in the first albums. The album has everything typical from rock and roll, nice beat, fun, nice lyrics, a bit of cockiness, some craziness, etc. everything works perfectly together and gets close to all that amazing bands like  Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Guns N' Roses,White Snake, Eagles and all those bands we enjoy when randomly pop up on the radio, but targeting a public for this  era and that is modern and love to hear bits of trendy sounds. Could sound like is a very though album but is not, it keeps a mellow and sweet ambient  like the last one but with plenty more of an adult-but-playful version of KOL. Music is a delight probably nothing so new except for some Jazzy tunes but how good and timeless the blend was done is what makes this album entertaining and distinguishing the band once again .

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