Sunday, 8 September 2013

Kiss Land by The Weeknd

Rated: We're Not Gonna Take it 

Don't understand why so much people were excited about this album, it is maybe because is the 'acceptable' version of Chris Brown(?). This album is another male pop one that is mixed with R&B and electronic beats like Justin Bieber,Chris Brown,Justin Timberlake (not that great) and many others so it is trendy and nothing more. For The Weeknd is kind of upsetting because you expect something more relaxed and less pop. The music is good with little 70's-80's vibes but is plain, there a few songs that have edgy variations which are perfectly made. It starts like warming up to big surprising tunes but never wild seems to happened to the record and songs need edition they're far too long. As a whole the sound is predictable and compared to last year's songs it is a little slope  because the identity is faded probably is more to please that to create something.

Yes it is hip, it is vibbing and well made but is not astonishing or outstanding from many others out there. All songs flow very well and there are soft and more clubbing ones, there's balance and entertainment  but it needs to be spiced up, it needs something that is so good that stands out from others and that identify the musician. The style stills there but the direction is what is wrong, it goes to much to the pop side and to the masses so The Weeknd essence is a bit lost and also there's nothing new so turns kind of boring and overheard album that will be forgotten but it is nice and you can hear the effort in every detail, just wasn't enough.

Not Likely:  Kiss Land,Pretty

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