Sunday, 8 September 2013

Forever by Holograms

Rated: A Kind of Magic 

A bit more than a year since the band released their first full-length album which was more gloomy and garage, but as great  a this new one.The previous EP's and songs were too loose and was difficult to identify their style,with a similar sound to The Futureheads, but here is the album that hopefully will give them the fame they deserve and will the define their style. This album is an evolution to a more eloquent and strong sound but they just polished their skills so is basically the same in a more congruent direction. There still a uncontrolled and young atmosphere with a dark twist that makes the album more intriguing and enjoyable, alongside with the variations of very cheerful and dance tracks to the most overwhelming and 'obscure' ones.

Song after song and minute after minute the album keeps getting better and surprising, the songs are powerful and full of energy. 'Forever' keeps the band idea of having fun with the music and sound very natural, although it is full of details it doesn't sound elaborated, it flows magnificently, the song are all in the same line but not being boring or similar, it is a nice brotherhood of songs. The album is full of great energy and old classic rock vibe gives the band a especial thing that make them stand out form many other good bands. The mix of everything and mostly the genres is very potent like a blend of many metal/alternative/rock bands like from Papa Roach and Slipknot to Queens of the Stone Age, Metallica and Iron Maiden but in a softer and Pop-y, mellow way without being cheese, so it is sweet, beaming and the music tell a story by its own.It is a fast Swedish Punk-New Wave-Epic-Rocky mature album that sounds familiar but with a fresh sensation, it is just brilliant and vigorizing.

Recommended:  A Sacred State, Flesh & Bone, Meditations, Luminous,Lay Us Dow

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