Sunday, 22 September 2013

This is... by Icona Pop

Rated:Lucy in the Sky

Finally a duo that can bring out what a Powerpuff Girls album could sound like. This album is the international debut of the Swedish pop sensation so it includes some tracks from their first production that was released less than a year ago. From start to end this album is all of the best of pop, enjoyable , catchy and dance-y , it has the chart music vibe but without being one of the bunch.This record has its own style and stands out from the others because is modern and very girl power.There are highs and lows but mostly high hyper dance beats and the lows help to break what it could be a monotonous record that is average in today's charts .

Dance, joyful and crazy like any young pop band ,but with incredible tunes that will be hard to forget. Probably Icona Pop will just be like another craze band and will end soon (5 years) but if they keep this style, who cares!, it will be a memorable career . The music style is like for the same target market as Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, etc so it is strong and commercial but with a lot of feeling on it to find empathy. Synths are wild and voice is refreshing, it has a very similar feeling to the Spice Girls. The beat changes to create another mood and everything is in harmony and measured like a good Power Pop album should be. It is nothing new or special, could be compared with Calvin Harris latest track, but the duo own it and make it very cheeky and feminine, they managed to twist the popular music and cool it up.

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