Sunday, 29 September 2013

Innocents -by Moby

Rated: Music is my Radar 

Many trying to bring this 90's ambient electronica back but there's only one that could it done perfectly or maybe it was never gone for Moby. This new album keeps up with his last albums but has less modernity and could be more transcendental/Complete/interesting.It doesn't mean it is not trendy this album has enough to compete against anything on the charts now and give a lesson of  how to mix without being pretentious even Lana del Rey can learn something because there's a vibe in which she could get inspired by or inspired by her. The end of the 1990's chill music makes it attractive plus intriguing and is mixed with little doses of more fashionable tunes that make the album be a little more timeless in Moby's very own style. The record is a delighting mix of many sounds that could turn low and soft of more powerful and vibrant. 

The music is relaxing and more balanced than in past record which at some moments it heard to be crashing and producing a bit of mess. It perfectly flows and variates from disco to more folkloric and kind of gospel sounds also there are bits of soft sounds and more "aggressive" ones that blend very well together like in the song 'Don't Love Me', which also mixes some sort of sexiness . Every song is beautiful like a work of art so you can hear the difference between a random generic singer/band and the brilliance of Moby. The tracks are mostly cheerful with a dark little twist and have nice warms ups and keep growing to explode in music joyfulness . Collaborations as in any album from this musician works magically and make sense as the instrumental lapses do. This album is so easy to identify with Moby's unique style and is very pleasant to hear it to give a rest to your mind from many noise pollution we get this days.        

Recommended: A Case For Shame , The Perfect Life, Don't Love Me, The Lonely Night , The Dogs

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