Sunday, 1 September 2013

Later...When The TV Turns To Static by Glasvegas

Rated: A Kind of Magic

After a little more than two years since the release of  "‎Euphoric Heartbreak" the band is releasing another big production that is even more powerful and overwhelming than past works. As it is usual the band is going for a melancholic/death/dark themed album but adding some kind of laments and lullaby's .This album has more balance with cheerful and bleak songs because it is not extremist, to be a Glasvegas album. Although there are few modern sounds the album still sounding actual in a strange way mostly because is a step forward for the band and you can hear the progress and their essence with slightly new variations .

The music played is more epic than past albums and very sci-fi  theatrical which gives a little twist to what is expected and make the record more enjoyable.The percussion is very potent and almost get all the attention but guitars are very loud as well so 'classic' rock predominates but there are bits of everything in more fewer portions but add a lot the album that at first could be monotonous. There are more 'folkloric' sounds than in any other of their records. Also there's a more loose feeling that makes a more relaxed because last two records are more controlled but this is as worked as any of their albums and sounding as it was effortless so this album is their most solid so far and blends in the right amount many sounds that makes it interesting and brilliant without losing the band's appealing.

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