Sunday, 15 September 2013

Loud Like Love by Placebo

Rated: Music is my Radar 

This band never disappoint to create an good album because they have a consistent work that will probably never be a massive hit (Again?),modern or radical but is always satisfying, impressive and congruent with past records. The way the band  manage to keep the style is genius, they never go out of  it but never repeat they just give little variations to it and this album s full of that,  in the right amount. The band know how to mix those chill fashionable vibes with more hard and  the sort of anger the past albums have had is now transformed to something more melancholic and almost mellow which add more to the band range , although  in the previous records it was  a similar feeling this record is where it explodes. Also is a bit more cheerful not just lyrics, feeling, and voice but music is more up beat that could be on the dance-rock side but obviously with more rock and roll than  clubbing. Music  resembles the mid 1990's relaxing style and psychodelia it is soft, fine and refreshing with very vibrant style and weird positivism. Another scale of the same old good band.

The songs have many variations which keep you interested and there's no way you can get bore with the amazing mix which is very 'classic' Placebo with little sparks of trendy music (psychodelia, synth-pop,new wave, etc). The album has plenty to offer the keep you entertain and enjoying to bits, it goes from gloomy lyrics with cheerleaders beats to more sweet and merry notes mixed with hard rock , it is a complete album that even thought it combine a lot it sounds natural , not forced or crashing at all, and that gives another 'sight' of the band but without losing or going too far from what they are used, fans will love. It doesn't matter if you have been a fan since the beginning of the band or this is the first album you will hear, the amount of Placebo on this record is so good that you will be delighted to listen to it , any ways , it is a good start and an amazing complement to their career and also is radio friendly.Balanced, complex, dark an timeless from beginning to end.  

Recommended: Scene Of The Crime,Too Many Friends, Hold On To Me,Exit Wounds,Begin The End

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