Sunday, 28 July 2013

Body Music by AlunaGeorge

Rated: Music Is My Radar 

A good Pop album that is old-fashioned made with modern skills.AlunaGeorge's Body Music is summery and youth like-able music that could refresh,just a little, the charts scene.

The debut record of the duo is the right way to do what many bands are doing these days. This album is very attractive and catchy from the beginning to end, with a late 1990's early 00's vibe. That vintage feeling is mixed with more fashionable sounds and
eclectic ones that are almost like a soft version of Safri Duo. There's also a joy for immature sounds that make the album more entertaining, young and not just to make pop-dance music and being repetitive or sound like one of the bunch.

The record has many beautiful made sounds that blend perfectly.With a little bit R&B the Electronic sounds are complemented and creating, not a unique way but rather special way to produce an amalgam of liberating,entertaining and sort of 'sophisticated' music that for nowadays is atypical. Although it has it moments hyper/power dance-pop music it also have and moments that are more quiet,anyhow the 14 songs all together could bore, because is plenty of the same , there are crucial moments in each song that  bring back the playful and experimental sounds which just make the album better.
The album accomplish what the band say, that is music for every moment, probably is more for the youth but there's a genius way to show the style the band has that can transcend ages because has something enchanting. The album is interesting as for the duo so for being a first album is incredible the level it has but at the same is not overproduced and perfect so is very nice for the duo to introduce their self with this.

Recommend: You Know You Like It,Attracting Flies, Kaleidoscope Love, Just a Touch, Body Music
Not So Much: Friends to Lovers

In a World Like This by Backstreet Boys

Rated: Meat is Murder 

After 20 years of history Backstreet Boys still here and returning with their first album since 2009, but with few singles in between, it is also the album where the five original members are back after six years and 2 very forgettable albums and this is yet another.There are few tracks where you can identify the band that is singing.

Unfortunately for the boy band they are declining, although they say they are stronger than ever (etc.) their style and sound is fading more and more with every work they do.'In a World Like This' is their eight album and first to be independent which could mean that they had more freedom but seems like they did not. Everything sound like forced and trapped in a modern stereotype, it is how the first album from a not-winner-but-popular contestant  of X Factor USA should sound. BSB should learn from Take That and first please their die hard fans then try to give something new and spice it up without losing their essence and always maturing not sounding like they want to be young again cos is always creepy for man over 30's to do that (if you know what i mean).

In a big effort to be hip they have updated their style and now it totally sound like any new boy band trying to compete with One Direction. The result is a thing between Kesha, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber and Fun. so is a pop feast without direction and very dull. The album is tagged as 'Dance' (as well as pop) which it has not any, it remains in a plain line of cheesiness, there are no surprises and most of the songs are tranquil and repetitive. Also the album sound like they attempted to copy Mcfly but forgot to add energy and soul.

It is not very, very bad but for a well know band with 20 years of trajectory it should be better, and be for their public before thinking to pull in new fans because for teen girls who are seeking for new boy bands it is good 'cause the vibe is not so far from what is on the market but BSB are losing all the fans that have grown with them. The record is just another one out other with nothing to highlight  and for the band means another big step down.

Recommend: Breathe
Not To Listen: Make Believe,Feels Like Home

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Stars Dance by Selena Gomez

Rated: Enjoy the Silence 

What seemed to be a step to maturity for Selena Gomez is just a another over-produced bubblegum pop album that lacks of feeling and to make it worse it sounds so dated, and not from fashionable 1980's or 1990's but from late 2000's , so is very boring and so 5 years late.

 'Come & Get It' , first single, was very promising on the sound and modernity but it was just a a bad teaser,it even got lost in the record. This album is not up to date, if Aaron Carter was still 12 and doing music in 2006-2009  this is how it would sound. There's a childish vibe on -almost- every song, her audience have grown up with her so it could be less coy and come out more edgy and surprising, obliviously without being Miley-dreadful-fake-Cyrus. Even so the album is such a cliché.

Although Britney Spears is a mayor influence on Selena it has not done much for her sound. Britney mixes naughtiness with charm and Selena could make that work as well, but there are a few sounds that are inspired by BS but they just don't explode. The plainness of the  album is blatantly much and songs need to be cut  off because are so repetitive. The only surprise ,which is a very bad one, is 'Like A Champion' that seems to be a Rihanna bad impersonator's demo for her album 'Loud'. The only attractive or the less uglier are 'Forget Forever' and 'Save The Day' which have some sort of charisma but the fake "fun" ruined them.

The Disney era hasn't ended for Selena Gomez and she needs to find her own style urgently before more "princesses  of pop" manage to wipe out her . Direction is also something that is missing, it doesn't matter how well produced the songs are if they don't harmonize together.Positive about it is experimenting and is slightly different sound from her 'Selena Gomez & the Scene' phase that was nice for a while, maybe she just needed to focus that era into reinvention and she would done such a better album.

Recommended: Come & Get It
NOT: Slow Down, Stars Dance,Undercover

Jinx by Weekend

Rated:A Kind of Magic 

'Jinx'  is the second album from this American band which for 3 years of distanc, between both releases, the band hasn't evolve much. With the band first album the comparisons with bands like My Bloody Valentine,Joy Division,Ministry and The Cure were swift but to update that Tame Impala's sound is more similar nowadays, so maybe Weekend was the original Tame Impala but just didn't got all the attention back in 2010.

Not revolutionary or really adventurous this album accomplish to be good and to be a nice follow up to it's predecessor. What this album has a lot more is rock-punk and drama and lyrics. The album has plenty of  energy and has a dance vibe that comes from a beautiful blend of soft melodies and hard beats, although a bit melancholic.The sound goes decreasing but then it breaks in joy an power. At some point it could becamo boring because is the same formula for every song but not like to turn it off because it has a little charm that keeps you kind of enjoying.

This album doesn't not have an American overrated rock sound which is good it even resembles a bit to Blur first  albums (Leisure and Modern Life Is Rubbish) but slowed down and with that drowsiness that Weekend do well.It is more radio-charts friendly that the past record but mainly because in the last couple of years the industry has evolved and there's a 'market for this kind of music' now. Also the album is more cheerful than previous work and less raw which make Weekend sound a bit less like the bands that has been compared so they're finding their style and as long as they stay experimenting it will be good.

Recommended: July; Celebration, FL; Sirens
Not So Much: It’s Alright; Scream Queen

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Electric by Pet Shop Boys

Rated:A Kind of Magic 

Electric is twelfth studio album from the band and first album on their own label and the title describe it well, it has a sparkle that bring the good old days back to scene and definitely in duo's unique style .There's a charm that easily make you sympathize with the sound because is so familiar and with  little dashes of modernity. 

After last year average album, Elysium, the band have upgraded, using old tricks and going back to basics, which for bands like Pet Shop Boy always work.There is plenty of the very own band's style on the record that evokes what has made the duo so great, synths in harmony,party mood, love and sweetness .The album is very transporting and relieving an so beautiful done , the way it flows and how is connected to past albums without sounding dated or being a complete repetition, and after so many years the PSB still have surprises to give away.

Unfortunately not everything is very exciting, the second half is a bit disappointing, the band is repeating sounds, Example tries to steal the show, far too much modernity, everything is out of control. Thought  , i must say there's some sort of connection to the first half and with past albums but what makes it so ugly is that all the nice work sounds like coming out from an old laud blender, really annoying and almost ruined the whole album.If the band had not been so loose and with a little more effort and edition there wouldn't be a problem with last few songs.

Despite the awful songs the good ones save the album and worth to give it a listen, is a better continuation than previous record and entertains nicely.A bit of old school with a little touch of what is on dance charts almost make a complete groovy album that dignifies the  Pet Shop Boys once again.  

Recommend:   Axis, Love Is A Bourgeois Construct,The Last To Die
Not So Much: Shouting In The Evening, Vocal