Sunday, 14 July 2013

Electric by Pet Shop Boys

Rated:A Kind of Magic 

Electric is twelfth studio album from the band and first album on their own label and the title describe it well, it has a sparkle that bring the good old days back to scene and definitely in duo's unique style .There's a charm that easily make you sympathize with the sound because is so familiar and with  little dashes of modernity. 

After last year average album, Elysium, the band have upgraded, using old tricks and going back to basics, which for bands like Pet Shop Boy always work.There is plenty of the very own band's style on the record that evokes what has made the duo so great, synths in harmony,party mood, love and sweetness .The album is very transporting and relieving an so beautiful done , the way it flows and how is connected to past albums without sounding dated or being a complete repetition, and after so many years the PSB still have surprises to give away.

Unfortunately not everything is very exciting, the second half is a bit disappointing, the band is repeating sounds, Example tries to steal the show, far too much modernity, everything is out of control. Thought  , i must say there's some sort of connection to the first half and with past albums but what makes it so ugly is that all the nice work sounds like coming out from an old laud blender, really annoying and almost ruined the whole album.If the band had not been so loose and with a little more effort and edition there wouldn't be a problem with last few songs.

Despite the awful songs the good ones save the album and worth to give it a listen, is a better continuation than previous record and entertains nicely.A bit of old school with a little touch of what is on dance charts almost make a complete groovy album that dignifies the  Pet Shop Boys once again.  

Recommend:   Axis, Love Is A Bourgeois Construct,The Last To Die
Not So Much: Shouting In The Evening, Vocal

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