Sunday, 28 July 2013

In a World Like This by Backstreet Boys

Rated: Meat is Murder 

After 20 years of history Backstreet Boys still here and returning with their first album since 2009, but with few singles in between, it is also the album where the five original members are back after six years and 2 very forgettable albums and this is yet another.There are few tracks where you can identify the band that is singing.

Unfortunately for the boy band they are declining, although they say they are stronger than ever (etc.) their style and sound is fading more and more with every work they do.'In a World Like This' is their eight album and first to be independent which could mean that they had more freedom but seems like they did not. Everything sound like forced and trapped in a modern stereotype, it is how the first album from a not-winner-but-popular contestant  of X Factor USA should sound. BSB should learn from Take That and first please their die hard fans then try to give something new and spice it up without losing their essence and always maturing not sounding like they want to be young again cos is always creepy for man over 30's to do that (if you know what i mean).

In a big effort to be hip they have updated their style and now it totally sound like any new boy band trying to compete with One Direction. The result is a thing between Kesha, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber and Fun. so is a pop feast without direction and very dull. The album is tagged as 'Dance' (as well as pop) which it has not any, it remains in a plain line of cheesiness, there are no surprises and most of the songs are tranquil and repetitive. Also the album sound like they attempted to copy Mcfly but forgot to add energy and soul.

It is not very, very bad but for a well know band with 20 years of trajectory it should be better, and be for their public before thinking to pull in new fans because for teen girls who are seeking for new boy bands it is good 'cause the vibe is not so far from what is on the market but BSB are losing all the fans that have grown with them. The record is just another one out other with nothing to highlight  and for the band means another big step down.

Recommend: Breathe
Not To Listen: Make Believe,Feels Like Home


  1. I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. They have new freedom from a label that confined them to the typical boyband sound. While there are several "typical Backstreet" songs that fail BECAUSE they are trying to sound like every boyband, pop artist out there with dance is the "tranquil" songs that make us perk up. What? A blues number? That's Try. And Madeleine has a soft 60s feel with Beatlesque harmonies-it is about an actual girl(name changed) who committed suicide due to online bullying and the newsline about her life showed she had been a Backstreet fan). Trust Me has the summer carribbean flare of Buena Vista Social Club with a Kings of Leon twist. Feels Like Home--their usual fan tribute song opens with a southern sass--just plain fun. Show Em What You're Made Of--written by AJ and Kevin for their children....shows their heart. And then there's Breathe......Beautiful!

  2. Yes there's a touch of typical BSB but doesn't sound natural and lyrics are one thing and the feeling with which is interpreted is another thing and that's what it lacks. Compared to, for example, Perfect Fan any of this songs sound weak and amateur.