Sunday, 21 July 2013

Jinx by Weekend

Rated:A Kind of Magic 

'Jinx'  is the second album from this American band which for 3 years of distanc, between both releases, the band hasn't evolve much. With the band first album the comparisons with bands like My Bloody Valentine,Joy Division,Ministry and The Cure were swift but to update that Tame Impala's sound is more similar nowadays, so maybe Weekend was the original Tame Impala but just didn't got all the attention back in 2010.

Not revolutionary or really adventurous this album accomplish to be good and to be a nice follow up to it's predecessor. What this album has a lot more is rock-punk and drama and lyrics. The album has plenty of  energy and has a dance vibe that comes from a beautiful blend of soft melodies and hard beats, although a bit melancholic.The sound goes decreasing but then it breaks in joy an power. At some point it could becamo boring because is the same formula for every song but not like to turn it off because it has a little charm that keeps you kind of enjoying.

This album doesn't not have an American overrated rock sound which is good it even resembles a bit to Blur first  albums (Leisure and Modern Life Is Rubbish) but slowed down and with that drowsiness that Weekend do well.It is more radio-charts friendly that the past record but mainly because in the last couple of years the industry has evolved and there's a 'market for this kind of music' now. Also the album is more cheerful than previous work and less raw which make Weekend sound a bit less like the bands that has been compared so they're finding their style and as long as they stay experimenting it will be good.

Recommended: July; Celebration, FL; Sirens
Not So Much: It’s Alright; Scream Queen

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