Sunday, 21 July 2013

Stars Dance by Selena Gomez

Rated: Enjoy the Silence 

What seemed to be a step to maturity for Selena Gomez is just a another over-produced bubblegum pop album that lacks of feeling and to make it worse it sounds so dated, and not from fashionable 1980's or 1990's but from late 2000's , so is very boring and so 5 years late.

 'Come & Get It' , first single, was very promising on the sound and modernity but it was just a a bad teaser,it even got lost in the record. This album is not up to date, if Aaron Carter was still 12 and doing music in 2006-2009  this is how it would sound. There's a childish vibe on -almost- every song, her audience have grown up with her so it could be less coy and come out more edgy and surprising, obliviously without being Miley-dreadful-fake-Cyrus. Even so the album is such a cliché.

Although Britney Spears is a mayor influence on Selena it has not done much for her sound. Britney mixes naughtiness with charm and Selena could make that work as well, but there are a few sounds that are inspired by BS but they just don't explode. The plainness of the  album is blatantly much and songs need to be cut  off because are so repetitive. The only surprise ,which is a very bad one, is 'Like A Champion' that seems to be a Rihanna bad impersonator's demo for her album 'Loud'. The only attractive or the less uglier are 'Forget Forever' and 'Save The Day' which have some sort of charisma but the fake "fun" ruined them.

The Disney era hasn't ended for Selena Gomez and she needs to find her own style urgently before more "princesses  of pop" manage to wipe out her . Direction is also something that is missing, it doesn't matter how well produced the songs are if they don't harmonize together.Positive about it is experimenting and is slightly different sound from her 'Selena Gomez & the Scene' phase that was nice for a while, maybe she just needed to focus that era into reinvention and she would done such a better album.

Recommended: Come & Get It
NOT: Slow Down, Stars Dance,Undercover

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