Monday, 30 April 2012

Electra Heart - Marina And The Diamonds

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction

Another well produced, overworked Pop album. Everything was so well done in this album that it lost magic and soul, is an average good album without high or lows, formula to success or to have at least a hit on the charts nowadays.

The first 3 songs sound a lot like Katy Perry, the voice, the rhytm, the style, the choruses, the lyrics, etc. And I know I could been better because 'The State of Dreaming' and 'Starring Role' keeps the style but they're far from being SO Katy. The album gets better in 'Homewrecker' that is what I was expecting from Marina And The Diamonds, it has the signature all over.Thereafter it sounds very Marina and ends weird but without losing that style.

As for the music this album brings nothing new. The sounds are what you expect in today's pop, not so electronic not so soft. It goes a bit dance in 'Living Dead' but doesn't explodes. Also the album sounds a bit late 80's to 90's which gives the fun twist and make it more 'Euro Pop' and it's well shown in "Power & Control". But as a whole the album sounds ver 00's, it even brings extracts from 'Say it Right' (Nelly Furtado and Timbaland) in 'Valley of Dolls', who still doing Timbaland's catchy music anyway?.

In some songs, 'Bubblegum Bitch' and 'Teen Idle', Marina and the Diamonds seems to be attacking the sterotype of a Pop Star, but she's so pretentious and you won't believe it cause with this album all that she wants to be is that, another girl in the bunch. The only things that save this record are the songs where she sounds herself like 'Fear & Loathing' or the track that in my opinion is the best, eventhough it still is a bit Katy Perry which is 'Hypocrates', a good good track.

I know it is bubblegum pop and it's supposed to sound like that but she can did something better that outstand her from the other million pop girls but she didn't so therefore that's the score to another avarage album.

To Listen: Starring Role, Hypocrates, Power & Control
Avoid: Teen Idle,Valley of Dolls, Bubblegum Bitch, Primadonna

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Blunderbuss- Jack White

Rated: Music is my Radar

I heard this this album last week (on iTunes) and went mad as a hatter. Everything on it is bonkers and so enjoyable,like be in your teenage years again.

At first I didn't have the intention to listen to 'new Jack White's Album' because I thought it was going to be like he's previous solo stuff like the song 'Another Way To Die' ,which I loathe, but when I saw the preview-album button on iTunes I said to my self "well give it a try" and what a nice surprise, this thing is crazy. From the very start, with 'Missing Pieces" you get hitched it's like when you listened to The White Stripes for the first time, just want have fun and feel the sound. And actually I don't know if Jack did it on purpose to not lose fans or something but the sound is very nice and I was expecting something less atractive.

The album has a strong power even in the more calm songs like 'Love Interruption' or 'Blunderbuss', the sound is bliss. The guitars have a 'Icky Thump" style, absolute crazyness without going absurd and that's for every instrument played. 'Weep Themselves To Sleeps' is probably one representative songs in the album but the rock'n'roll continues and gets to 50's from 'I'm Shakin'' and so ; But the album seems to be timeless almost like a classic, and definetly better than any White Stripes album as a whole. Think this is best Jack White job so far. The album ends more American, a fun western-film-ish end, which makes the album has a variety of music and makes it anything but boring, 'Take Me With You When You Go' is a happy ending and all you wanna do with the album is taken it with you everywhere.

Songs to listen: Listen to the whole album!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

[Single ]Days Go By- The Offspring


The Offspring comeback is this single and it is tasteless, plain, not good but not bad. It is really tiresome but very Offspring trying to sound like The Smiths ,maybe, I don't know.It is enjoyable and 'vintage' but probably not to buy it and it neither makes feel interest in the upcoming album. 'Days Go By' is a track you won't trip the station but it will be just one more song in a bunch. Fans probably will like but not adore.Only hoping the band do not ruin the 'legacy' with a dull album cause the last one was very close to. it makes me move my foot  with the rhythm at least.


Days Go By

Thursday, 26 April 2012

[EP] The Apple Tree -Nina Nesbitt

A Kind of Magic

I have been waiting for this and I'm not disappointed. The comparisons with Ed Sheeran are obviously not wrong, She has been singing with him etc. But maybe Nina Nesbitt is more easily to fall in love with because she's a girl, of course, and sounds more acoustic and more passionate (not that Ed don't but meh).

From the first time I listen to The Apple Tree (song) I fell in love. I haven't hear about her, to be honest, just that she sung with join Ed Sheeran on tour, but never took a chance to listen her previous work. This 5 pieces EP is entrancing, She has a charming voice and back sounds complement it, 'Seesaw' explains it better. The lure lasts all the time.

Fortunately in this 'album' there is no dreadful drama, just feelings mixing songs. It could sound a bit plain but worth it, is soft music that in instants changes in sort of cheerful relaxing moments, it's like watching a film about seeking for happiness and then everybody find out that happiness was always there.Enjoyable/Beautiful EP ,start to finish, from a 'new' talented artist to watch. I recommend to listen 'Hold You', it is so magical.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Love Is A Four Letter Word- Jason Mraz

Rated: A Kind Of Magic

We have heard pieces from this album since November of 2011, I reckon, since the release of 'The World as I See It' which definitely doesn't describe the album so well be ause is very 1980's and the album is very more relaxing.

The beginning of the album is very fun. The track 'The Freedom Song' is a taster of what you are about to listen, so you can expect soft guitar, chilling sounds, cheesy songs and everything that represents Jason Mraz. It gets a little more pop or 'comercial' like 'Living In The Moment' or 'Frank D. Fixer' that is very weird, compared with all in the album, and reminds me if the Backstreet Boys.

'Love Is A Four Letter Song' also have very interesting songs like '5/6' which is something you are not waiting to hear on this album, it is a nice surprise. Then the album turns really odd, in a good way, like some kind of ghost haunts you and makes you feel very heavy and melancholic but comfortable, 'In Your Hands' is the perfect example of that.

The title of the album utterly fits to the songs. It's quickly, corny and calm. Everything on the album even more love/cheesy songs like 'The Woman I Love'. The album is very enjoyable not one of the best in history or even this year but it's good and the comparitions with Train, THEY WISH! just because this Jason album is more pop doesn't mean he become shit.

To listen: The Freedom Song, I Wont Give Up,Everything Is Sound, 5/6

Avoid: Who's Thinking About You Now?

Saturday, 21 April 2012

California 37- Train

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction

California 90210 should be the name of this new Train album because is music for a Californian tv drama almost every song in this record could be the perfect cheesy theme for sunny-rich kids soup opera and the songs that do not are like that could be well played by the prince charming in the show or be the prom song.

The album starts with 'This'll Be My Year' which surely will not be Train's year. Plenty of songs attempt to be anthems or memorable sing-a-long songs, but that never happens unless you are a US high school and you live by the beach and you are a nice girl looking to have fun in a safe party , yes it is music for stereotypes. All are the kind of songs that are played on Beverly Hills 90210, The Hills, Gossip Girl, Californication and obviously in The O.C. which theme song 'California' is what Train tried so hard to do here.All this California drama turns Mexican in '50 Ways To Say Goodbye' the perfect intro for a Telenovela, which is almost the same.

The album has very interesting sounds like in 'Feels Good at First' sort of girl country-pop music.All the songs good sounds are ruined by lyrics and an awful voice, I bet Ashley Monroe never met the band to make 'Bruises' cause that song is hideously made, just pasted a voice over another voice and it have cuts and gaps, Horrible!. Anyway the most interesting song is 'Mermaid' which is a magnificent surprise after listening all the ugliness in the album, it is a short trip to early 'american' 2000's.

Even though the album is boring it is fine to a road trip, if you can deal with the annoying voice mixture.Maybe all songs were made for telephone companys advertising campaings because that's exactly what you get. It's not that bad but it's not good at all, gets kinda good and familiar at the end.

To Listen: When The Fog Rolls In,We Were Made For This,Mermaid,

To avoid: Bruises, You Can Finally Meet My Mom, Drive By

Friday, 20 April 2012

[single] Payphone- Maroon 5


What ever happened with the 'rocky' band they were? This song is the sequel of  'Stereo Hearts' by Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine with a bit of Africa like 'Bang Bang' -K'naan feat. Adam (again!). From the beginning to the end is Adam making his annoying voice, that seems to work for the ladies. This band is just delivering music for the masses, they're don't giving a shit , only making songs for chicks to use them as ringtones and this song is the proof . The song only concentrates in Adam Levine and it's disappointing because he don't even make an effort, aside of trying to hard to make that voice that I don't hear it in the first album. the rappy part provided by Wiz Khalifa is just to make it 'cool' or 'cooler', but nah it still a mess, like using 'fuck' and 'shit' as many times as possible in a song. The music in the song is low good, not surprising and repetitive once again to make Adam be noticed. "One more stupid love song".

You Don't deserve to be hurt with this thing so I'm not putting the song here.

[single] Burn it Down -Linkin Park


"The cycle repeated" says the lyrics so they did. This sounds like a track that meant to be in their 'Hybrid Theory' or 'Meteora' they take us back to that sounds era but doesn't feel as good as back in the day. The song have an average good beginning but the moment Chester starts singing I felt annoyed, seem like they focused too much in the sound and they forgot the voices,cause Joe Hahn didn't make it better. The song is apparently compared with Numb(feat. Jay-Z), I quite don't understand why, doesn't feel like that. It sounds like Linkin Park , has what make them unique, a retrospective to 2000-2005 but it is not explosive,is bland. But have to admit that if the album is going to be like this it could be interesting, just hoping the voices get better and have at least a wow fact, but  we will have to wait till June to see

Saturday, 14 April 2012

[Single] ' Parasite ' - Hadouken!


New single of Hadouken! , it is for free which we apreciate.

The begining of this song is so good, it is very interesting but then it gets to what Hadouken! usually do, but is not boring at all, has a little twist like a new kind of creepy boy band in drugs (hallucinogens) .The bad thing is too short, ends so quickly, it start growing on you but someone cut it suddenly.

If you like Hadouken! You will love it, if you don't like them or haven't hear about them 'Parasite' is a good track to get involved. It is the band but without going so hard ('a bit more comercial') Example-ish. I'm waiting for the new album hope it sounds like this.



Monday, 9 April 2012

Rant! The Futureheads

Rated:A Kind of Magic (?) 

Someone called The Muppets Barbershop Quartet? cause that's all I hear here. This new Futureheads' album is an acapella piece with loads of fun, some covers, some re-arranged self songs and all sung by a mad quartet. 

The sound is brilliant, and they made the Black Eyed Peas' 'Meet Me Half Way' sound so good you think the BEP's sample this (as they usually did) instead of The Futerheads covered it; but with time it gets a little boring, so at happens with the album in a strange way, because you still having a blast. 

Their own songs in these versions are good, think I like 'Robot' more than the original, sounds almost the same but more ' in-earphone friendly',but they really did not an effort no even with the "Folk Classics" like 'Sumer Is Icumen In' where you don't hear any attempt to make it their own, in fact you don't hear like a signature piece anywhere in this record, just a bunch of blokes singing or warming their voices before a presentation.And This is what I like that their taking the piss (hope so) and having fun all the way through till the end. Being the musicians/or-to-what-they-habituate the selection of songs was very safe the covers and the re-arranged ones.Or Maybe I just expected to much. 

The Album is average good, the quality is SO good but I can not hear The Futureheads here. It has the fun the joy but I can't take it seriously is like a record for kids or something, I do love it and enjoy listen to it, is delightful and make me laugh such as The Barbershop Quartet but they are Muppets. And I really don't want to sin, but  could it be that The Futureheads want a bit of more money because this is what a target market want, 'The Sing Off' & 'Glee's The Warblers' come to mind. I'm sure The Futureheads  don't want but it is just a thought and anyway they will go back to the studio and will make another lovely rock album and this funny adventure will end fast, and we will laugh (or keep laughing) about this cause 'Rant' really has a kind of magic that saves it from being a bad album and made it formidable. 

Songs To Listen: Thursday, Meet Me Half Way, Robot. Beeswing, Acapella (?) 

Maybe not: The No.1 Song In Heaven

I expected they did a 'This Is The Life' or 'Sleet' but no :(

"Your journey to the sun" Rocket Juice & The Moon selftitled album

Rated:Never Mind the Bollocks

To start, this album has been mostly slagged by idiots, specially by the NME that did a lame review where the bastard writer just wrote how much he hate Flea. But the truth is that Tony Allen,Damon Albarn & Flea made a good band alongside with all those african artists.

The album doesn't belong just to Damon,Flea and Tony, and think this is not a supergroup is Rocket Juice & The Moon and a self-titled album with a bunch of musicians working on it and The funk cosmic African sound is the work of everyone in the band you hear nobody outstanding which is fantastic. Is clearly how well they knew what they want and how they wanted to expose it. So we have to pay credit to every individual who worked on it.

From the first song of the album, '1-2-3-4-5-6' (in my opinion should been shorter) , it takes you through  an amazing African-ish galaxy journey, a psychedelic trip but very soft and relaxing which is very shown in 'Poison', best song of the album.It has no an explosive track but that's what make it so calm and beautiful, you even hear pieces of jazz that made you feel like in an animated film based on a outerspace New Orleans, very fun but classy.

Although it is a Damon Albarn band, it does sound like him but only have 2 songs featuring him,which is fine but too much instrumental stuff if some songs have at least few lyrics like 'There' it could be better. But the lack of lyrics works if you play the entire album because sound like a compilation of imported music mixed to be played by not only funk listeners. Is a exposure of Africa in their best and makes you want to know more about this kind of sound/music. For example the song 'Lolo' heated to take you to an African celebration and is rejoiceful.The sounds may not be new but are well done and made to take a taste of something out of the industrial music out there also sound very summer-y.

So to everyone that talk shit about this project, Grow Up! and give a chance. This is how a band sound when is having fun and to only to make money or because the record label want money.

Songs to listen: Poison, Chop Up,Benko,Lolo,Follow-Fashion,Hey Shooter,Check Out.

Not so good to listen on it's own: Rotary Collection, The Unfadable

Friday, 6 April 2012

[single] These Are The Days- RKC


The third single taken from RKC's British Plastic (my favourite album from last year). This is one of the most representatives songs in the album and from Mr. Adam Ficek you hear the 'passion' in it and the video just made it better. If this song had a promotion budget it will be a hit, i'm sure.A song to play anywhere & any moment, a underrated classic [so far, hope it changes]. I will have to stop here because I fucking love it and I will just write and write about how good it is, the music the voice the lyrics all well stitched in an amazing song if there are more musicians/music Like Adam's please let me know i want to support.

[single] Saturday-The Enemy


'Saturday' is the new single from 'Street in the Sky' the forthcoming album from The Enemy. I can't wait to the new album which I can imagine it will be utter madness, but I have to say that this song is not as good a 'Gimme the Sign' is. It made me brake suddenly and Listen/watch The video over and over again, that doesn't means it is not great, sure it is a grower, maybe it'll work when i listen the whole album. On the Bright Side we finally have a proper saturday anthem all in the song works fine to make a track you will love,is fucking class, a well done The Enemy classic and is very catchy. and some slags are talking hypster bollocks on youtube, fuck them. "Live the dreams you had and be who you wanna be". The lyrics are joyful maybe we can play it before a night out (before Saturday Night by Whigfield) hahahaha {Tom Clarke won't like that} .

[single] Go Right Ahead- The Hives


The Hives are back and the future seems bright. This is just a taster  where we thankfully can hear they still the same and that the album will come with 12 new songs to enjoy the (hopefully) fabulous rock'n'roll they made. And they produced the album aswell so it will be a little more personal which got me intrigued.

The song sounds fantastic from the begining to the end gives you  bit of a live essense. and the lyrics "our god is a sinner, our king is a god" are kind of flirtatiousness The Hives usually use. So is the same band that haven't grown so far, which for them it works.

Listen Here
Hives "Go Right Ahead" (Radio Edit)

A+E = Graham Coxon the GREAT

Rated: Music Is My Radar

What an album! utter music stampede. To Listen to this you will need a space suite because it takes you to the outer space in a rocket at top speed. You might meet The Jetsons there couse it has a futuristic vibe from the 1960's.

It seems like Graham was rejoicing to be alone playing with all he has, and created music that is to good that you feel the need to be in the same playground, So good to be true! It is amazing and ispiring, I don't know how to play any instrument but know I want to learn and join a band or maybe not and roll with myself.

At the begining it reminded me to RKC's British Plastic where Adam Ficek enjoyed as well to play with all sort of sounds but 'A+E' is a bit more 'grown up'. It also reminds me to Suede but without the darkness or something, it is just Joy, joy for creating music and self expression.

The sound of the album is pure britpop but with a twist, it feel like you are back in the early 90s and you are playing the radio in America, so you hear Nirvana, Pearl Jam, even Madonna's Bedtime Stories Followed by a Bunch of New sounds from Great Britain. Guitar Madness all they way but not interrumpting all the other instruments. The right mix at the right time that pleases you.

The Album may not have a super hit but the entire album is a hit, something to add in the collection of a music lover. It is so brilliant you want to hear in the future and say "press was always wrong, it was musicians like Graham Coxon that made us belive that there's someone that still cares" . It is art to show to unbelievers or the clueless kids and instruct them what is music.

Iconic Tracks: City Hall, What'll it Take, Seven Naked Valleys, Running For Your Life, (The amazing ) Knife in the Cast.

eventhough some songs remind me Phone adverts THERE'S NO A BAD TRACK ;)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

"Drive Bitch!" Madonna-MDNA

Rated: A Kind Of Magic

After more than a week listening to it finally I'm reviewing it. My first Thoughts were 'A Female Gorillaz Album' the sounds, the collaborations,The 'rap' remind me of this animated band,maybe Lola had something to do with this (?).

When the first single, Give Me all Your Luving, was out it felt like something fresh,new, I know some people said it sounds like Martin Solveig but obviously He's on the record! It is a really good song. And Then she released 'Girl Gone Wild' single I thought "this shite is fucking rubbish I want my Pre-order back!". But I that didn't happened and my Pre-order was ready I first listen to 'Gang Bang' and the magic begun, there's William Orbit & Mika, the song is catchy and powerful maybe one of those iconic Madonna songs.

The whole album is dance and bittersweet, she talks far too much about her divorce; A bit hard to find the "Luv era" she told that it was going to happen but you find it on 'Superstar' and 'Turn Up The Radio'.

This album Could be a 10/10 if it were a B-Sides album it would be brilliant because it sounds like songs missing in albums from 'Ray of Light' to 'Hard Candy'. And easy reminder of Madonna in last 2 decades so that make it so feels so good and a grower. The American Life-ish 'I Don't Give A' who knew that Nicki Minaj was going to be better in this almbun than the dissapeared M.I.A.. And there's also 'Love Spent' almost sampling 'Ray of Light' and 'Beautiful Stranger'.

The album evokes Madonna, not just because she refers to many of her songs titles in almost every song but this brings back very good memmories of her career and brings fresh songs to the Pop indistry not just dance tunes because she bring back the 'balads' Pop is missing nowadays.the album is "Fast and Right".

Tracks to listen; Gang Bang, Love Spent (Acoustic), Falling Free, I Fucked Up,Masterpiece, I Don't Give A, B-Day Song

Hideous Tracks: Girl Gone Wild (Video Helps A-lot!), I'm Addicted

But have a listen to the whole album is fun and probably an inspiration and what sounds we're gonna listen in the decade.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Rates and Classification

Here we go! I'm gonna classificate the music in two,the Good and the Bad with 5 categories each, I take the category titles from songs but that doesn't mean the music being reviewing is not as epic as the Song/Category Title; It is only a Description of how it feels.

The Good:

-Never mind the Bollocks: this means that all media, or a big bunch of idiots are talking shit just because,but the album/song is really good. (eg, Madonna's American Life, where you think Lady Gaga's Born This Way come from)

-Like a Virgin: something that is "Shinny and New". Outstands from everything played on the radio. (eg, Gorillaz's Gorillaz/Self titled )

-Music is my Radar: what you have faith in music, and the musician doesn't care about making money just the joy of creating something really good.the pleassure of music (eg, Blur's 13 or Pete & The Pirates' Little Death)

-A Kind of Magic: you hear it and you get charmed. Love from the first note to the last one.(eg, Radiohead's In Rainbows, The Wombats' This Modern Glitch)

-Lucy in the Sky: really good quality it take you to somewhere else. You have a good trip on it. It drives you crazy. What Music Should be (eg, Klaxon's Landmarks of Lunacy, Primal Scream's Screamadelica)

The Bad

-Meat is Murder: and this piece of shit is a fucking crime! Not even music just want to make money or want fame. (eg, Pitbull and stupid Collaborations such as Jennifer Lopez, Will.I.Am & Mick Jagger's T.H.E. {The Hardest Ever})

-We're Not Gonna Take it: the kind of music media is praising but you ask 'why?' and the only answer could be that someone is paying them. Not That Good why so much noise! (eg, Skrillex,Lana del Rey's Born to Die, Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday)

-Enjoy the Silence: it doesn't even deserve to give it a play. Silence is better than Self-harming with shit like this.(eg, Justin Bieber's My World 2.0, David Guetta's Nothing but the Beat)

-(I can't get no) Satisfaction: Dull! You feel nothing listening to it no good but don't even that bad is just plain untasty.(eg, Beady Eye's Different Gear Still Speeding, Christina Aguilera 's Bionic)

-Mr. Personality: Bacause is So Ugly. The kind of shit you lose faith in humanity. *Cringes* (eg, JC Chasez' Schizophrenic, Rebbeca Black's Friday)

and for the rates the scale goes from 1 to 10. if it is so good is a 10 (All Beatles albums are rated 100 and always be the only ones so comparing to them the more you can get is a 10). And if it is really awful but at least they try is a 1, the consolation price ( So sad). I will try to not do a 'point-something' just whole numbers as life should be, you are a complete moron or not there's not middle there.

I qualify stuff for what it is obviously not gonna compare Britney with Joy Division, Justin Bieber with Thin Lizzy. The thing is to hear itself and let the music do the talking But ofcourse if it is a rip off It will burn in hell.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fool's Day

-statement- I'm going to start this blog "because i wanna, gonna spread the disease..".

The thing is I'm going to review the most I can about music, why? 1. i have no memory and need to starage somewhere 2. (most of) Music Magazines, Music websites etc are very out of reviewing music for what it is. They are very influenced by how they feel with the musician and what others talk about it or what's going on media or just bollocks.

I love music and listen to many many things from Beatles to Hadouken! from Madonna to The Enemy.Almost Everything Pop,Rock,Dance,R&B,HipHop,Shit,etc. So I will try my best and be objective and "put all in my grill 'cos i will say what i feel" (see that's from Britney).

I've never finished a Blog but I'm wishing this never ends! because " If you've lost your faith in love of music the end won't be long ". So if someone else aside me read this blog please comment whether you agree or not with me maybe you'll change my mind :) no fools Just Aprils