Monday, 30 April 2012

Electra Heart - Marina And The Diamonds

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction

Another well produced, overworked Pop album. Everything was so well done in this album that it lost magic and soul, is an average good album without high or lows, formula to success or to have at least a hit on the charts nowadays.

The first 3 songs sound a lot like Katy Perry, the voice, the rhytm, the style, the choruses, the lyrics, etc. And I know I could been better because 'The State of Dreaming' and 'Starring Role' keeps the style but they're far from being SO Katy. The album gets better in 'Homewrecker' that is what I was expecting from Marina And The Diamonds, it has the signature all over.Thereafter it sounds very Marina and ends weird but without losing that style.

As for the music this album brings nothing new. The sounds are what you expect in today's pop, not so electronic not so soft. It goes a bit dance in 'Living Dead' but doesn't explodes. Also the album sounds a bit late 80's to 90's which gives the fun twist and make it more 'Euro Pop' and it's well shown in "Power & Control". But as a whole the album sounds ver 00's, it even brings extracts from 'Say it Right' (Nelly Furtado and Timbaland) in 'Valley of Dolls', who still doing Timbaland's catchy music anyway?.

In some songs, 'Bubblegum Bitch' and 'Teen Idle', Marina and the Diamonds seems to be attacking the sterotype of a Pop Star, but she's so pretentious and you won't believe it cause with this album all that she wants to be is that, another girl in the bunch. The only things that save this record are the songs where she sounds herself like 'Fear & Loathing' or the track that in my opinion is the best, eventhough it still is a bit Katy Perry which is 'Hypocrates', a good good track.

I know it is bubblegum pop and it's supposed to sound like that but she can did something better that outstand her from the other million pop girls but she didn't so therefore that's the score to another avarage album.

To Listen: Starring Role, Hypocrates, Power & Control
Avoid: Teen Idle,Valley of Dolls, Bubblegum Bitch, Primadonna

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