Sunday, 29 April 2012

Blunderbuss- Jack White

Rated: Music is my Radar

I heard this this album last week (on iTunes) and went mad as a hatter. Everything on it is bonkers and so enjoyable,like be in your teenage years again.

At first I didn't have the intention to listen to 'new Jack White's Album' because I thought it was going to be like he's previous solo stuff like the song 'Another Way To Die' ,which I loathe, but when I saw the preview-album button on iTunes I said to my self "well give it a try" and what a nice surprise, this thing is crazy. From the very start, with 'Missing Pieces" you get hitched it's like when you listened to The White Stripes for the first time, just want have fun and feel the sound. And actually I don't know if Jack did it on purpose to not lose fans or something but the sound is very nice and I was expecting something less atractive.

The album has a strong power even in the more calm songs like 'Love Interruption' or 'Blunderbuss', the sound is bliss. The guitars have a 'Icky Thump" style, absolute crazyness without going absurd and that's for every instrument played. 'Weep Themselves To Sleeps' is probably one representative songs in the album but the rock'n'roll continues and gets to 50's from 'I'm Shakin'' and so ; But the album seems to be timeless almost like a classic, and definetly better than any White Stripes album as a whole. Think this is best Jack White job so far. The album ends more American, a fun western-film-ish end, which makes the album has a variety of music and makes it anything but boring, 'Take Me With You When You Go' is a happy ending and all you wanna do with the album is taken it with you everywhere.

Songs to listen: Listen to the whole album!

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