Thursday, 26 April 2012

[EP] The Apple Tree -Nina Nesbitt

A Kind of Magic

I have been waiting for this and I'm not disappointed. The comparisons with Ed Sheeran are obviously not wrong, She has been singing with him etc. But maybe Nina Nesbitt is more easily to fall in love with because she's a girl, of course, and sounds more acoustic and more passionate (not that Ed don't but meh).

From the first time I listen to The Apple Tree (song) I fell in love. I haven't hear about her, to be honest, just that she sung with join Ed Sheeran on tour, but never took a chance to listen her previous work. This 5 pieces EP is entrancing, She has a charming voice and back sounds complement it, 'Seesaw' explains it better. The lure lasts all the time.

Fortunately in this 'album' there is no dreadful drama, just feelings mixing songs. It could sound a bit plain but worth it, is soft music that in instants changes in sort of cheerful relaxing moments, it's like watching a film about seeking for happiness and then everybody find out that happiness was always there.Enjoyable/Beautiful EP ,start to finish, from a 'new' talented artist to watch. I recommend to listen 'Hold You', it is so magical.

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