Monday, 9 April 2012

"Your journey to the sun" Rocket Juice & The Moon selftitled album

Rated:Never Mind the Bollocks

To start, this album has been mostly slagged by idiots, specially by the NME that did a lame review where the bastard writer just wrote how much he hate Flea. But the truth is that Tony Allen,Damon Albarn & Flea made a good band alongside with all those african artists.

The album doesn't belong just to Damon,Flea and Tony, and think this is not a supergroup is Rocket Juice & The Moon and a self-titled album with a bunch of musicians working on it and The funk cosmic African sound is the work of everyone in the band you hear nobody outstanding which is fantastic. Is clearly how well they knew what they want and how they wanted to expose it. So we have to pay credit to every individual who worked on it.

From the first song of the album, '1-2-3-4-5-6' (in my opinion should been shorter) , it takes you through  an amazing African-ish galaxy journey, a psychedelic trip but very soft and relaxing which is very shown in 'Poison', best song of the album.It has no an explosive track but that's what make it so calm and beautiful, you even hear pieces of jazz that made you feel like in an animated film based on a outerspace New Orleans, very fun but classy.

Although it is a Damon Albarn band, it does sound like him but only have 2 songs featuring him,which is fine but too much instrumental stuff if some songs have at least few lyrics like 'There' it could be better. But the lack of lyrics works if you play the entire album because sound like a compilation of imported music mixed to be played by not only funk listeners. Is a exposure of Africa in their best and makes you want to know more about this kind of sound/music. For example the song 'Lolo' heated to take you to an African celebration and is rejoiceful.The sounds may not be new but are well done and made to take a taste of something out of the industrial music out there also sound very summer-y.

So to everyone that talk shit about this project, Grow Up! and give a chance. This is how a band sound when is having fun and to only to make money or because the record label want money.

Songs to listen: Poison, Chop Up,Benko,Lolo,Follow-Fashion,Hey Shooter,Check Out.

Not so good to listen on it's own: Rotary Collection, The Unfadable

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