Monday, 9 April 2012

Rant! The Futureheads

Rated:A Kind of Magic (?) 

Someone called The Muppets Barbershop Quartet? cause that's all I hear here. This new Futureheads' album is an acapella piece with loads of fun, some covers, some re-arranged self songs and all sung by a mad quartet. 

The sound is brilliant, and they made the Black Eyed Peas' 'Meet Me Half Way' sound so good you think the BEP's sample this (as they usually did) instead of The Futerheads covered it; but with time it gets a little boring, so at happens with the album in a strange way, because you still having a blast. 

Their own songs in these versions are good, think I like 'Robot' more than the original, sounds almost the same but more ' in-earphone friendly',but they really did not an effort no even with the "Folk Classics" like 'Sumer Is Icumen In' where you don't hear any attempt to make it their own, in fact you don't hear like a signature piece anywhere in this record, just a bunch of blokes singing or warming their voices before a presentation.And This is what I like that their taking the piss (hope so) and having fun all the way through till the end. Being the musicians/or-to-what-they-habituate the selection of songs was very safe the covers and the re-arranged ones.Or Maybe I just expected to much. 

The Album is average good, the quality is SO good but I can not hear The Futureheads here. It has the fun the joy but I can't take it seriously is like a record for kids or something, I do love it and enjoy listen to it, is delightful and make me laugh such as The Barbershop Quartet but they are Muppets. And I really don't want to sin, but  could it be that The Futureheads want a bit of more money because this is what a target market want, 'The Sing Off' & 'Glee's The Warblers' come to mind. I'm sure The Futureheads  don't want but it is just a thought and anyway they will go back to the studio and will make another lovely rock album and this funny adventure will end fast, and we will laugh (or keep laughing) about this cause 'Rant' really has a kind of magic that saves it from being a bad album and made it formidable. 

Songs To Listen: Thursday, Meet Me Half Way, Robot. Beeswing, Acapella (?) 

Maybe not: The No.1 Song In Heaven

I expected they did a 'This Is The Life' or 'Sleet' but no :(

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