Sunday, 22 April 2012

Love Is A Four Letter Word- Jason Mraz

Rated: A Kind Of Magic

We have heard pieces from this album since November of 2011, I reckon, since the release of 'The World as I See It' which definitely doesn't describe the album so well be ause is very 1980's and the album is very more relaxing.

The beginning of the album is very fun. The track 'The Freedom Song' is a taster of what you are about to listen, so you can expect soft guitar, chilling sounds, cheesy songs and everything that represents Jason Mraz. It gets a little more pop or 'comercial' like 'Living In The Moment' or 'Frank D. Fixer' that is very weird, compared with all in the album, and reminds me if the Backstreet Boys.

'Love Is A Four Letter Song' also have very interesting songs like '5/6' which is something you are not waiting to hear on this album, it is a nice surprise. Then the album turns really odd, in a good way, like some kind of ghost haunts you and makes you feel very heavy and melancholic but comfortable, 'In Your Hands' is the perfect example of that.

The title of the album utterly fits to the songs. It's quickly, corny and calm. Everything on the album even more love/cheesy songs like 'The Woman I Love'. The album is very enjoyable not one of the best in history or even this year but it's good and the comparitions with Train, THEY WISH! just because this Jason album is more pop doesn't mean he become shit.

To listen: The Freedom Song, I Wont Give Up,Everything Is Sound, 5/6

Avoid: Who's Thinking About You Now?

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