Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fool's Day

-statement- I'm going to start this blog "because i wanna, gonna spread the disease..".

The thing is I'm going to review the most I can about music, why? 1. i have no memory and need to starage somewhere 2. (most of) Music Magazines, Music websites etc are very out of reviewing music for what it is. They are very influenced by how they feel with the musician and what others talk about it or what's going on media or just bollocks.

I love music and listen to many many things from Beatles to Hadouken! from Madonna to The Enemy.Almost Everything Pop,Rock,Dance,R&B,HipHop,Shit,etc. So I will try my best and be objective and "put all in my grill 'cos i will say what i feel" (see that's from Britney).

I've never finished a Blog but I'm wishing this never ends! because " If you've lost your faith in love of music the end won't be long ". So if someone else aside me read this blog please comment whether you agree or not with me maybe you'll change my mind :) no fools Just Aprils

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