Thursday, 5 April 2012

"Drive Bitch!" Madonna-MDNA

Rated: A Kind Of Magic

After more than a week listening to it finally I'm reviewing it. My first Thoughts were 'A Female Gorillaz Album' the sounds, the collaborations,The 'rap' remind me of this animated band,maybe Lola had something to do with this (?).

When the first single, Give Me all Your Luving, was out it felt like something fresh,new, I know some people said it sounds like Martin Solveig but obviously He's on the record! It is a really good song. And Then she released 'Girl Gone Wild' single I thought "this shite is fucking rubbish I want my Pre-order back!". But I that didn't happened and my Pre-order was ready I first listen to 'Gang Bang' and the magic begun, there's William Orbit & Mika, the song is catchy and powerful maybe one of those iconic Madonna songs.

The whole album is dance and bittersweet, she talks far too much about her divorce; A bit hard to find the "Luv era" she told that it was going to happen but you find it on 'Superstar' and 'Turn Up The Radio'.

This album Could be a 10/10 if it were a B-Sides album it would be brilliant because it sounds like songs missing in albums from 'Ray of Light' to 'Hard Candy'. And easy reminder of Madonna in last 2 decades so that make it so feels so good and a grower. The American Life-ish 'I Don't Give A' who knew that Nicki Minaj was going to be better in this almbun than the dissapeared M.I.A.. And there's also 'Love Spent' almost sampling 'Ray of Light' and 'Beautiful Stranger'.

The album evokes Madonna, not just because she refers to many of her songs titles in almost every song but this brings back very good memmories of her career and brings fresh songs to the Pop indistry not just dance tunes because she bring back the 'balads' Pop is missing nowadays.the album is "Fast and Right".

Tracks to listen; Gang Bang, Love Spent (Acoustic), Falling Free, I Fucked Up,Masterpiece, I Don't Give A, B-Day Song

Hideous Tracks: Girl Gone Wild (Video Helps A-lot!), I'm Addicted

But have a listen to the whole album is fun and probably an inspiration and what sounds we're gonna listen in the decade.

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