Sunday, 6 May 2012

Strangeland -Keane

(I can't get no) Satisfaction

Keane are back and they're the same as always but with a little more make-up and trying to sound more like Coldplay and unfortunately in their worst (Mylo Xyloto). But that doesn't mean the album is entirely bad it has some highs that may need a listen.

Keane never dissapoint, the album is a bit boring and the singles (or the ones that will be singles) are the tracks that saves the record. 'Silenced By the Night' was the first single and when you hear it you could hear and predict how exactly the album will be. Apparently every song needed to be in the same line so you can listen how forced this was in 'Disconected' that is 'very' different for the band but they really try so hard to made it sound more like Keane and is kind of mess but not so bad.

The music in the album is something that connect every song and it actually is good for example in 'The Starting Line ' is something you expect but the sound is really good, nothing new but definitely something memorable. And then are songs that almost sound more dull like 'Black Rain', maybe Lana del Rey should made the vocals, but the music still fine, if it were shorter it would be so much better. 'Neon River' has a good sound too, probably the song that reminds more to what Keane is.

The highlights in the album are the songs that are very Keane and have a bit of fun Like 'On The Run' and 'Day Will Come' which are brilliant. It seems like they are repeating the formula in every song, maybe not to fail, and it work in most of the songs,could been boring but at least they still the same,'In Your Own' is not such a great song but you can hear the classic Keane.

Even though the album has good songs they are all grouped in the end and the first half of the album is really boring so makes the album go plain, nothing that is not predictable. The album even has an expected end 'Sea Fog' a melancholic finish that is fine but not so less boring and it really defines the whole record.

Songs To Listen: On The Run, The Starting Line, Day Will Come.

Not So Good: Watch How You Go, You Are Young, Sovereing Light Cafe.

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