Wednesday, 23 May 2012

[EP] Sunburn-Baio

Rated: Lucy in the Sky

It's summer time and this EP couldn't be released in better times. A magnificent piece of what is (or used  to be) accurate electronic music: smooth,clever and so enjoyable. Far from the clichés, this 3 dancy tracks come to made us fall in love again with electro-music. The sound in every track is perfect, tropical beats and very early noughties. Might slightly remember to Safri Duo but this is better and soft, so goes quickly and don't tire you. The vibe that it gives is not produced by Chris Baio it is the result of what you feel or the memories that the songs bring to you and gratefully is not made for mass consumerism (or it doesn't seem to be), which is what many Dj's are doing now, this is different from what's on charts right now.Gladly a great debut solo for the Vampire Weekend's bassist which still remains of the band, because of the groove sounds, but at the same time registering his own style and showing his great musician/mixing skills.A Brilliant musician with a sunburn for inspiration

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