Sunday, 20 May 2012

Not Your Kind Of People- Garbage

A Kind of Magic

This album is Garbage's come back and surprisingly it sounds very hip/updated but at the same time is very Garbage.The band mixed their past with the modern electronic fad but also still in their post 90's rock-pop which you can hear it in 'Control'. ''What Girls Are Made Of' is a remembrance of what Garbage still is and has all what the album is as well.

Although the album has not a great start or rather say the first song ,'Automatic Habit', has a bad intro,the whole record is fantastic. A great band doing a great comeback not losing their style and also updating it to what is happening now. Revamping style is very obvious in songs like 'The One' that  is remains me to 'Why Do You Love Me' but new and Also 'Big Bright World' has the electronic beat mixed with old rock and roll or something and creates a Pop-y brilliant song.

The sound of the beyond what i was expecting because everything is so good mixed, compared with previous works this is less 'raw' but still aggressive, powerful without having someone yelling at your ears. 'Show Me' feels like anterior songs from the band, everything sound magnificent and goes tranquil but not powerless and then it explodes better. In 'What Girls Are Made Of' you can also hear how they keep their essence and the power. The Only songs that have a lack of power are 'Bright Tonight' and 'Battle In Me' that are a bit slow could have gone better with a explosion of rock but they didn't. The explosions where saved for songs like 'Man on Wire' which is really a nice song.

'Not Your Kind Of People' , album, is more 'commercial' because of the well done work with music. 'I Hate Love' is so radio friendly, an odd dance song but good.'Blood for Poppies' goes almost the same way.There are also songs that goes very early 00's, sort of post-grunge era, something very Garbage; 'Sugar' for example is very relaxing but overwhelming in a good way. But the most quiet song is 'Beloved Freak' which is encouraging and could be a hit because is what sells now or what artists have been doing talking about in the last 3 years being a rejected person and that everything will be alright.

At the end the album is not disappointing, is so well done, they still the same but now the band are working more by themselves. The album gets better in the last 6 songs where we can hear the most Garbage style but more modern with some kind of remixed-electro-moments, that could be a bit weird.Anyhow it's a very enjoyable album and not boring at.

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