Friday, 18 May 2012

[Single] Venus in Chains - The Virgins


After a 4 year hiatus The Virgins are back with the first official track from upcoming 7" single entitled "Venus in Chains" (out on May 26th). The Song is inspired by godlike feminist visual artists, therefore the name.It sounds fantastic and is so enjoyable reminds me a bit of not mainstream rock from late 90's [no names come to head now]. Anyway the song feel like something new for nowadays music, very cool and is a song you wish and it could be longer cause it goes growing and growing but then is over. The band still have the gist even they are not the same members but apparently Donald Cumming knows how to deal with it and give the right direction to the band. The track is lovable and addict-able definitely a teaser to what is coming, an album later this year. Only wishing 'Island Girl', a track released earlier this year, comes with the single because that track is absolutely brilliant as well. So glad that The Virgins finally are back and with fantastic music, now looking forward to a full album.


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