Friday, 11 May 2012

[single ] Guardian-Alanis Morissette

After 4 years away from music she could have done better. The beginning of this song is wonderful and powerful but then it slowdown and plain. Is not bad at all but kind of boring a minute less would done a difference.The cheese lyrics are good the rhythm is good, is what Alanis always do so is not bad that she hadn't change but is a bit disappointing  that she haven't grown.
The music and her voice are beautiful it reminds you how good she is, and is very 90's or sort of timeless. The Song is also 'uplifting' , apparently She is speaking to her child but it can apply for friends, couples etc.,very corny, could be the song for a love/friendship/parenthood film. The main reason I don't love it is because is fine, average and definitely a grower but would be nicer if it were the last single of the album and not the lead one. Will wait to hear the album in August to know if Alanis comes back with new tricks or she will have just a new album with nothing new.

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