Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dr Dee- Damon Albarn

 Lucy in the Sky 

OMSG! this is an eargasm do not know how some people are talking shite about it. Perhaps idiots are not listening as what it is, a soundtrack of an opera so it obviously this is just  half the project, but what a fucking good half. It is inspiring and make your imagination go high just listen to  'The Moon Exalted' and then tell me if it doesn't take you anywhere.

This album is just the music of a story so it obviously can't be compared with chart music or what you usually listen on radio or even on your player.Every track on here was made to be played on 'Dr. Dee's opera but it follows that has some great folk-ish songs that you can play leaving the opera idea behind like 'Apple Carts' and 'The Marvelous Dream' that have been released like singles(or something) already, but there are more songs than you can listen like 'The Dancing King' which is such a TUNE and it has melancholy and a birdy ending. Even 'Saturn' can be a singles because it join the both sides the folk & African style and the opera music.

As for the opera songs we can highlight 'O Spirit, Animate Us' which is an exquisite piece of musical art. But the very distinguish is 'The Moon Exalted ' that could sound like it were two songs but at the end the conquer and melt in one beautiful song. 'Cathedrals' has a very deferent point which is to be opera but more "commercial" more like for a fairytale film.

There are also plenty of "pastoral" songs in the album which can be boring, but are better than go to church!.The music is magnificent the voices are weird but everything is relaxing, for example 'Tree of Beauty' is very quiet and sleepy.But There are also weird songs with a lot of African influence like ' Watching the Fire That Waltzed Away' which had a very interesting rhythm that put the fun fact in the album; theres also  'Point Star' an odd song that is almost out of context but somehow they managed it to made it part of the concept, and in a excellent way.

As often this is Damon Albarn working with a bunch of people so everyone should have credits here. The collective made a huge powerful sound.When Damon is not singing you still enjoying the music. The kind of music that make you sleep not because you are bored but because you are dreaming. The sound of the whole album is great just listen to 'Preparation' with a lovely African style or 'Moon (Interlude)' both say everything without a word. The flaunts and every instrument are admirable none overshadowing any one. An hallucinating great work.

The album in my opinion is amazing.The music is utter enjoyable and voices complement it. It grabs you and take to a different period of time and space or to a parallel world. Another good thing is that songs are short so the ones that for some people could be boring end fast. So don't be silly and don't mind the bollocks have a listen if you want and let your imagination fly.

To Listen: Apple Carts, The Moon Exalted,Saturn,The Marvelous Dream, Point Star,  Watching the Fire That Waltzed Away,The Dancing King

don't know (?) : Coronation

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