Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Temper Trap(album)- The Temper Trap

Rated: Mr.Personality 

To start I will try to be as objective as I can. That sounds bad isn't?. But here is the thing, this album is a complete mess has no direction at all. 12 songs (at least) that were randomly put together there's no too much connection between them.

Photo: This album is so eclectic, like a compilation album for various bands, genres and decades. A bit of pop in songs like the repetitive 'Need Your Love' , a bit of 1980's dance in 'Where Do We Go from Here' that without the 1930's circus beat could be better. I don't know if the attempt of the band was to make an album that sounds like a collection of songs that sound like the 70's to 80's with all of the genres Pop, Electronic, Synth, Glam, Rock etc. And the drastic changes are not just in one to another it, songs change surprisingly second by second which make a not boring album but just create more clutter. Songs like 'This Isn't Happiness' has too much for one song and also 'Rabbit Hole' both sound like the 90's but mixing to much stuff. 

In the sound and the mixing of instruments the turmoil persist.The drums out of sync with the guitars that go to slow for the beat on 'The Sea Is Calling'. 'Never Again' goes Keane but is an awful mix of many sounds that abruptly change. There is also a song which lyrics and voice remain the 70/80's rock but with a noughties Coldplay+30 Seconds To Mars twist so it doesn't sound good, it's called 'Trembling Hands'. The track 'Dreams' is so different from anything but too slow and so voice too 'monotonous'  so is dull. The sounds could have been confectioned in another way to make the album work but didn't happened.  

With all the madness the band still have some very in their own style songs like 'I'm Gonna Wait' that is a bit annoying but you can get used to it and enjoy it .'London's Burning' is true to their style as well but probably more to be listen live.The best minute of the album unfortunately is the very last in the last song 'Leaving Heartbreak Hotel' that is enjoyable, good guitars, happy and without the percussion or that annoying beat, as it happens from minute 3:05, the tracks gets better and give a good end to a messy album.

If we could separate the album in 4 mini records, would be fantastic, but as we can't the album at least need a listen and if you are going to purchase it i recommend the Bonus Track Version where turns out that bonus songs are far too much better and really lovely they have the charm of the band and are very very good.

Recommended Songs: London's Burning, Miracle, And all the bonus tracks if you get the deluxe edition.  

Not Recommended: The Sea Is Calling, Never Again

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