Saturday, 12 May 2012

In the Belly of the Brazen Bull - The Cribs

Music is my Radar

The Cribs go back to basics, their basics. This new album is wicked! All is so well made and apparenlty effortless ( but you can hear a hard work on). A strong record or archivement of how good a band can be if they don't change and just mature. Music, Vocals, Lyrics everything is fluid.

The album is like listening to an old record not because it sound old, cause the sound is very fresh and exciting, but because is so well produced. It has beautiful guitars, wonderful drumms and easily goes with a potential voice and sound mixed, all sounding in perfect armony, none is more than any one. 'Confident Men' is that song that have all what the album is and shows perfectly how the band have evolved .All the music is amazing 'Anna' has an great powerful sound that goes slowly growing and, so as the album, explodes magnificent.We knew it wasn't going to be a disappointment since the first single 'Come on, Be a no One' was released. 

The energy is what makes this album so enjoyable and awesome even when it slow down in 'Should Have Helped' it keeps the energy but transformed into a soft song which is genius.The garage style reminds me a bit of Rooney but with Red Bull and adrenaline,like 'Chi Town' (not my favourite) or 'Uptight' that is a bit long,compared with the other ones but delicious so you don't notice it.No boredom don't exist in this record, although there are a few ones that  goes by unnoticed  like 'Butterflies' because is in a gapless part of the album but still quiet good.

The album reminds me of mid 90's but not because the style or the garage/guitar music,I think is because have something that you easy like and haunts you for example 'Stalagmites' and 'Back To The Bolthole' takes you back to something inbetween Suede and Blur because is charming and somehow catchy but at the same time has a very The Cribs distinction and a modern twist. The Album is all what great bands do encourage/inspire you to do something on your own.

The Cribs do and did a fantastic job with or without Johnny Marr they still the same they have something unique and also the power of 'Classic' Punk bands that is to entertain and to put you to sleep so thats why the album is so fast and strong. And the album have a amazing great closing song 'Arena Rock Encore' that recapitulate not just the album but all of their work and shambles (apparently).

Recommend : Come on, Be A no One ;Confident men ; Arena Rock Encore;Should have Helped;Back To The Bolthole

not too much: Pure O; Glitters Like Gold

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