Tuesday, 22 May 2012

'Streets In The Sky' - The Enemy

 8.5 /10  
RATED: Music is my Radar  + Never mind the Bollocks 

Potent, Strong, Classic would be 3 words to describe this new The Enemy's Album. From the very first song to the last one the sound of the album is amazingly powerful. Since the release of the first single 'Gimme The Sign' I knew they were not going to disappoint.Trumpets and violins decorating some songs in perfect harmony to create a perfect composition of good music. 

Photo: Perhaps the band is not into Britpop, because they're well know for their good fast rock , the album has an essence of Britpop, power guitars, the punk-rock style and encouraging/fun lyrics. The hard work of the band is in every piece of the record but feels so effortless.'This is Real' is one of the tracks representing all this and the album, has the power,the positvism, the right sounds at the right moment. The album, as I said for The Cribs, has the 90's inspiring fact that only good bands give, the desire to do something.

The sound of the album oddly remind me to 1980 bands like The Cure,Duran Duran,R.E.M., Metallica and hits 'Maniac' and 'Word Up' but obviously more rocky, edgy, synth-less and super powerful mixed with the joy of Blur and the force of 1970's punk the result of this is pretty like 'Make A Man', That is a TUNE. With all this the soul of The Enemy could have been lost but no, it still there and better than ever, take a listen to 'Bigger Cages (Longer Chains)' . Also '1-2-3-4' has reminded me the 80s with a modern twist. But don't get confused the album is not just 80/90s, it is very fresh & would be fantastic if it can reach the first 10 at the charts 'Get Up and Dance' is in that mood the shake up the "music business" and has a great sing-alone momment.

The record is clever done to be rejoice-able,happy, fast, direct,etc. if not 'Turn It On', explains for itself. The mix of instruments is brilliant in every song.'Like A Dancer' shows how good is the sound of the album and how meticulous was done, the song is probably more independent-popular-rock in the mid 00's. Even the sort of cheesy song 'Come Into My World' sound absurdly awesome and very The Enemy. One song to highlight is '2 Kids' that is probably the softer one and some kind of melancholic(in a optimistic way?) but mighty and the sound is very delightful.  

To sum up, the album is fast and fantastic,has everything what great classics are made of, and is very rock'n'roll if the the whole turn for bit their heads from the stupid massive consumption bad music and give proper music a change this The Enemy's album is a good reference to start. My only complain is that to much guitar and they missed a bit the percussion, especially in 'It's A Race',that's why the 8.5 and not 9 ,but aside that everything is ridiculously strongly 
excellent and solid.

Recommended Songs: Listen to the whole album, there could be ones you feel like missing something but there a few more you will love and as a whole is brilliant.     

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