Sunday, 27 May 2012

Magic Hour-Scissor Sisters

-Rated:A Kind of Magic:

The disco band has a new album and sound loyal to the Pop trend of doing dance-electronic repetitive tunes.Fortunately this is the best of the modern wave and it has its charm.

The band delivers once again an nice album with nothing new or very remarkable. All goes very well the voices, the music everything is so calculated all in place. The album has a joy from start to finish. Songs like 'Inevitable' and 'Year of Living Dangerously' have the fun fact even they are the slow ones and keep the style of the band.

There are also pretentious and confusing songs which can't be identifiable with the band like 'Keep Your Shoes On' that has a sound more like Nicky Minaj, also' Let's Have a Kiki' wich is annoying but not as bad as can be and gets a bit better as it goes, and the awful first single released in January, 'Shady Love', with that song I lost my faith in the band but gladly the whole album didn't take that way.

Scissor Sisters fans can feel good about the record it has a sort of connection with previous works and a bit of evolution like the very Calvin Harris co-produced 'Only The Horses' and the Latin / flamenco inspired 'San Luis Obispo' and the one with very updated beat but familiar 'Self Control'. The Summer vibe is all over the album and magnificently explodes in 'Best in Me'.

A fine work for modern times that we will definitely see pieces in the charts because of they took the easy ride but give it their very own elements and created something with more quality than others out there.

To Listen: Inevitable,Year of Living Dangerously,Only The Horses,Best in Me,San Luis Obispo

Avoid:Shady Love,Keep Your Shoes On

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