Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sequel To The Prequel by Babyshambles

Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction 

After 5 years or so the band is back together and releasing  their third album and for many the 'long' waiting is over. The album is everything you expect,typical from the band,  and very nice but probably not for this era, it still in sounds like mid noughties .It is not a repetition but is not very innovating the band decided not to be very risky and to not be experimental as well so theres a unsatisfactory feeling because is an 'acclaimed' comeback so should be bigger and surprising even though it could very bad but not just be "meh". Any how it feels like Babyshambles  were struggling to make it hip and to refresh themselves but it is like a slow progress because the album start sounding modern at the end but not very successful, anyway it is brilliant how is part of band's catalog .  

Is good that the band hasn't change and that they  still got the charm and the strange manner to highlight Peter Doherty annoyingly stills there. The music is played mostly very quiet and is a shame because sometimes there are very interesting sounds that overshadowed by a voice and lyrics that doesn't collaborate too much. The lyrics are a bit weak and  kind of forced to be funny,silly and punk-y that could have worked but the band needed to grown up a bit and be out of their comfort zone and surprise the fans.What makes this album good is the songs that are very well mixed and integrate everything in harmony, also, the songs that are new beats for the band are good and show that the band care. More cheerful and animated songs also balance the album but doesn't sound effortless. The album is fine but nothing  that your next-corner-venue-band could do better.

Recommended: Nothing Comes To Nothing,Farmer’s Daughter,Sequel To The Prequel,Dr. No, Minefield

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