Sunday, 25 August 2013

Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action by Franz Ferdinand

Rated: Like a Virgin

....Right Way To Comeback! This album is the closest to perfection that have appeared this year. Almost 10 years after their first album was released and Franz Ferdinand still sounding young, fresh and as energetic as ever. All songs have a vibrant vibe even the ones that are more quiet it is pure rock and roll and really epic.

Even though for many people 'Tonight:' was a failure as being a follow up this is the right one not just because it continues, in less amount, with synths and party+darkness mood of past album but it also reconnects with the band's beginnings and it is delightful. A death and space-y theme seems to put the songs together, there's highs and lows but most of all speediness and fun, which make a classic entertaining album that will last forever because its impossible to get tired with many things happening and in harmony, that just can came with experience. It's a safe move from the band,to not be so risky like 2009's album but it is very pleasant step forward.  

If someone knows how to rock and roll is Franz Ferdinand and as usual this is a dance rock album but from all their albums this one is the closest to charts and pop music.So it gets even more catchy and cheerful than ever .With a little dash of 80's synth pop and modern and eclectic sounds their unique style has been refreshed with plenty of surprising and attractive well placed treats to make an intriguing and enjoyable record.Instruments play such rocky-sweet melodies and voice just blends there like another instrument that is not competing to stand out but everything is definitely on a race.  At some points it can sound amateur and like tribute band but is part of the youngness that it has.

Instead of trying to be vanguard this album is just Right mixing their past with what is trendy now and  giving glimpses of what is next but without being obvious. This is the sound of an 60's upbeat album on this days should sound in outer space party for The Jetsons. Impact after Impact, every song is good, this album is a definitely must have, not just for fans but fore everyone that likes good music. Even though there are some bad reviews this album is congruent, consistent and full of power one of the best in my opinion. And the closing is just amazing.  

To Listen:Right Action, Evil Eye, Love Illumination,Treason! Animals. , The Universe Expanded, Goodbye Lovers & Friends

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