Sunday, 18 August 2013

Where You Stand by Travis

Rated:(I can't get no) Satisfaction 

Although it seems that the band had disappeared and the release of their last album was five years ago, and was quite forgettable , they are back with a studio album that sound exactly like the past 6 albums.But the band haven't lost their style or have fallen into a pop vulgarism to make ephemeral music that will last as the latest fashion.

It is kind of good that a band doesn't change too much but releasing the same album more that once could be boring. Travis are back using the old tricks, bits of melancholy, cheerfulness, nice melodies, highs and low, etc. all is right and very well mixed but at this point/times you expect something more from the band that not just bring them to modern times but to upgrade their style. This album sound old or rather stuck between  "The Man Who" (1999) and "The Boy With No Name" (2007). The little differences are not enough to be noticed or to stand out from the other albums,aside from past one (wich was quite aggressive compared to others), just that this has less "hits" or memorable tracks, that is ironic because this aims more for pop. The band needs to get loose and create something that is not too safe and demure.

But don't get it wrong the album is sweet and lovably. How everything mixes is excellent, it goes from quiet to load and hard, in Travis style obviously,it is entertaining and very pleasant for the fans. Travis once again nailed to do a record which you can relate with and enjoy, it has charm.'Where You Stand' properly represents the band in many ways, and could be iconic but is the fact that they didn't take the next step.This album even have that song,'New Shoes', that stands out from others because is slightly different from others but stills in the same line which is typically from the band.  Have they given all yet? I don't think so, It is just fear to fail but no pain no game.

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