Saturday, 21 September 2013

Nothing Was The Same by Drake

 6 /10  
Rated: (I can't get no) Satisfaction

Drake is back and letting all out, his feelings are supposed to do the talk but unfortunately it sounds forced/faked. Perhaps the willing was good because there's a lot of effort and you can hear it in each song and that could be the main problem with this album, it  sounds  far too worked and overthink that the essence is lost. It is dull and the only few good moments, that are where it sounds natural and with guts, are lost or didn't got the attention to spice this album up. It lacks of aggression/wildness ,variety , spark and modernity that some previous albums had have. Some good collaborations could been  used in the right way, but the album is to inclined to Pop and to be catchy that everything sounds messy.

Depression is also playing a big role here, there is a lot of this feeling that a new genre has been invented, Emo-Hip Hop, it sounds theatrical and not very real. The music is a little-much "dark" and the R&B is undistinguished, we have heard this album a million times in the 2000's that is boring. Although it sounds like early Kanye West music there's an exaggeration that doesn't let the songs shine. This record is probably the most intimate from all Drake's  albums but fail to be intriguing and there's no balance of hollow and encouragement, it is very sad, slow and dated . A very typical album of hip-hop and R&B that is not giving anything new or taking something, except for joy, it is not impressive or to make so much buzz about it. The album has the potential with many clever twist it has but doesn't innovate or provoke any action, is just one more.

-No songs to recommend-

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